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Dan’s Daily: Penguins Escape Hatch, Bruins Bounced Bully Prospect



Pittsburgh Penguins, Mikael Granlund

The NHL trade market has not been kind to salary dumps, but fortunately for the Pittsburgh Penguins and president of hockey operation Kyle Dubas, the feat hasn’t been impossible. PHN looked at the realistic cost of just such a Penguins’ trade. The Boston Bruins confirmed they bounced bully Mitchell Miller via an undisclosed settlement in February. The Washington Capitals have a couple of prospects finally ready to stick on the big club’s roster, and how will the New York Islanders also get under the cap?

I’m quite proud to say the Hockey Now network is still turning out interesting content long after most hockey peeps loaded up the station wagon and headed toward Wally World. It’s also why we have millions of readers this month. I’m not sure any other professional outlet can boast the numbers we’re posting.

We’ve found a group that is working hard every day. I’m not sure how we got here, but this collection of folks is a pleasure to work with.

Pittsburgh Penguins

Pittsburgh Hockey Now: Every Sunday morning, Dave Molinari produces the Penguins wrap!

Erik Karlsson has a good relationship with the San Jose Sharks but says he’s not OK if they don’t trade him. The latest directly from Erik Karlsson.

I feel bad for Mikael Granlund. He’s been dragged pretty hard this summer. The Penguins’ escape hatch — Can Dubas avoid a buyout and dump his salary instead? The expected Penguins trade cost.

Vegas Hockey Now: New Penguins winger Reilly Smith hosted his annual charity softball game in Las Vegas. It was only about 115 degrees. Our Chris Gawlik was there, as were the Vegas Golden Knights.

Smith is a Misfit. It’s going to be a tough transition to Pittsburgh in many ways.

Steelers Now:

After signing Alex Highsmith, here’s the Steelers’ salary cap situation.

NFL running backs are joining forces to “fix” what they perceive as imbalances and inequities in their pay and position. The group held a large Zoom meeting to discuss the problems — here’s the 411 from Najee Harris.

Pittsburgh Baseball Now:

The Pirates lost 12 players in the Rule 5 draft?! They got raided; Pirates prospects news.

The Pirates couldn’t keep pace with the Angels Sunday. Here’s the quickie Pirates recap.

And tonight in San Diego, Quinn Priester will make his second MLB start. Here’s the Pirates preview.

NHL News & National Hockey Now:

Boston Hockey Now: The name may not ring a bell, but you remember the story. Mitchell Miller, the first-round-quality prospect who horrifically bullied a mentally challenged classmate, was eventually signed as a free agent by Boston. Here’s the full story —  Miller was secretly terminated by the Boston Bruins in February.

In most cases, I’m strongly in favor of avoiding any discussion of a player’s private life. Their mistakes and misunderstandings are no more our business than yours are to me. This one was different. That kid was a monster who should have been cited for harassment and expelled, if not arrested.

Washington Hockey Now: The Washington Capitals are getting younger. GM Brian McClellan said a few kids should stick in next season’s Capitals lineup.

NYI Hockey Now: Mailbag! The Islanders are over the salary cap, have some prospects, and have some needs. Our Andrew Fantucchio stepped to the plate to answer and knocked the answers out of the park. What’s up with the New York Islanders?

Florida Hockey Now: Sunday was the one-year anniversary of the Florida Panthers trade for Matthew Tkachuk.

I’ve never seen a playoff run like Tkachuk’s barrage of game-winners.

Montreal Hockey Now: I think the next surprise goalie “out of nowhere” will be Sam Montembeault. Or he could quickly fade into obscurity again. Where do the Montreal Canadiens goalies go from here?