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Dan’s Daily: Why Players Don’t Like Ohio, Rangers to Retire Lundqvist’s Number



Pittsburgh Penguins game Bryan Rust, Philadelphia Flyers

Do you think if we begged and pleaded or protested, we could get more Pittsburgh Penguins chatter? A Columbus morning host took a good poke at Russian players and why the Columbus Blue Jackets have had a tough time keeping players. The US and Canadian women’s teams opened the worlds with wins, and the New York Rangers will retire Henrik Lundqvist’s number.

Right now, Jay and Silent Bob of the NHL are just quietly hanging outside Quick Stop. No customers, no drama.

If you missed it, Pittsburgh Hockey Now put Kris Letang’s next contract on the lab table. With comparables, projections, and a hunch, here’s what Letang is worth. 

Bryan Rust is up next.

NHL News & National Hockey Now

Honestly, if I had known the NHL was taking a vacation for the entire month of August, I would have sneaked in a little getaway of my own. The Pittsburgh Penguins rivals are making a bit of noise, at least.

TSN video: Speaking on TSN radio, Columbus 97.1 morning host Bobby Carpenter took a good poke (in jest, kind of) at Russian players and discussed why the Columbus Blue Jackets struggle to keep young players.

If you watch the segment, Carpenter didn’t pull any punches, eh?

NBCsn: The New York Rangers will retire Henrik Lundqvist’s number this season.

His tailor should get a nod, too.

Sportsnet: Here’s the Women’s Worlds page if you want to follow the tournament. The US, Canada, and Russia opened with wins. 

Philly: The last open arb case is no more. The Philadelphia Flyers and Travis Sanheim signed a nice little bridge deal worth a tidy $9.35 million. 

Detroit: Steve Yzerman LOVES draft picks. He loves to use them. However, Yzerman explained to Detroit Hockey Now–sometimes you have to trade them, too. And that’s what the Detroit Red Wings did. 

Here’s a wild story for ya;

Vancouver: The Canucks should be a LOT better this season. Our boy Rob Simpson chatted with Dallas Stars GM Jim Nill about the new Canuck Jason Dickinson–get this–and how Dickinson’s path to Vancouver is tied to the 2013 Toronto Maple Leafs’ third-period collapse in Game 7 vs. Boston. 

Sorry, that’s about all I could rustle up today. So that you get proper value for your clicks, I’ll ask for your help in the Bryan Rust Penguins contract piece with this poll question, and you may discuss in the comments.

What is Bryan Rust's Contract Value to the Penguins

  • If its above $6 million, trade him (35%, 120 Votes)
  • Below $6 million (49%, 169 Votes)
  • Above $6 million (16%, 55 Votes)

Total Voters: 344

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11 months ago

That Columbus 97.1 on why can’t the Jackets keep players was dead on. Not enough coke and hookers to keep the Russian players happy, and basically no night life for a bunch young studs…..So let’s keep an eye on Vegas to see if they rack up some Cups and how many players come off IR when their scheduled to go play the Knights. Can’t blame them. LOL……wait, Pittsburgh isn’t exactly party town on a Wednesday either or is it…..I’m old

Ken Colligan
11 months ago

Rust has the same agent as Blake Coleman. He signed for 4.9/6 . You can assume Rust signs for 5.5/6 . A contract that will not age well.

Rich Filardi
Rich Filardi
11 months ago

I think the Pens would be smart to stay away from a LTC contract with Rust. I feel he has peaked. If you really watch him closely. Great speed-hands ar times seem like they are fighting to handle a puck. If this is the GM team 4-5 years down the road, can they move 33-34 yr old guy that isnt living up to his pay?

11 months ago

They will have the cap space to sign Rust so they should do it and do it soon. If they can get him for 3-5 years, that would work as lon as he doesn’t want more than 6 mill per season.

Jason Pope
Jason Pope
11 months ago

Rusts contract should come in right at $6 million for 5 years. If he wants 8 years then it maxes out at $4 million. That’s not saying he can’t get more as a free agent, but that’s what the Pens have to spend on him.

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