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Dan’s Daily Links: Zuccarello Hears Trade Rumors, Flyers Must Deal



So, here we go. The trade deadline is five weeks away and the Pittsburgh Penguins cellar dweller rivals are starting to succumb to the inevitable circling vultures of the trade market. The New York Rangers may leap from the St. Louis Blues as the team which casts off the most talent and tenure. Believe it or not the Florida Panthers are shopping not selling and the Hockey News urges the Philadelphia Flyers to make moves now or wave the white flag.

Ah Mondays, when I walk to Nicholas Coffee in Market Square, order a giant coffee of the day, and pretend I’m actually going to work as I slow-walk to the office.

Mats Zuccarello, the Norwegian god of hockey is hearing his name in trade rumors. He can’t help it. Larry Brooks makes a strong plea to do what is best for the player & trade him (New York Post)

I no longer see where he would fit with the Penguins unless the Penguins cleared a top-nine winger–and none of the Penguins assets would make sense.

The Penguins somehow lost to the Chicago Blackhawks, again. The 10th straight time. Get a free preview of PHN Extra with the report card and analysis (PHN Extra)

The Penguins honored their 2009 Stanley Cup championship team. 2/3 of the Penguins top line was present with Sidney Crosby and Chris Kunitz. Kunitz spoke fondly of that win. Watch the full video here (Pittsburgh Hockey Now)

The time for inaction is over! So says the Hockey News’ Jared Clinton in regard to new Philadelphia Flyers GM Chuck Fletcher (The Hockey News)

The Florida Panthers are goalie shopping. No, really. The team without a pair of nickels to rub together and nine points out of a playoff spot is looking at expensive upgrades. Wow (The Athletic)

Florida already has a $10 million cap hit from two goalies–Roberto Luongo who will be 40 soon and James Reimer. Dale Tallon is a talented GM, but he’s not a magician. It will be tough to make that disappear.

If you’re in a fantasy hockey league, you’re probably beating me. But the folks at Sportsnet have some strong waiver wire suggestions (Sportsnet)

There are some serious cat-and-mouse games going on to get the NHL players into the 2022 Olympics. Rene Fassel, the IIHF President suddenly did a political backflip on the eve of the NHLPA and NHL meeting in Las Vegas to work on a new CBA. (Toronto Star).

Crazy idea—let fans have a say. Do you want to stop the NHL for games at 11 p.m., 2 a.m., and 5 a.m. in Pyeongchang, China? I say no. Give me amateurs and guys who need a break back into the NHL, and give me NHL games.

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