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Podcast! Gajtka on Whether the NHL's Head Is Up ... Or Still in Sand
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Podcast! Gajtka on Whether the NHL’s Head Is Up … Or Still in Sand

A convergence of news reminds of the damage already done to athletes of the past and present.



Matt Gajtka streamlines the 200-Foot Podcast into a single super-focused segment for the first full week of the offseason, taking the sport’s continued cultural issues head on, for lack of a better term.

A convergence of news on the potential class-action lawsuit against the NHL — and multiple accounts from former players — reminds of the damage already done to athletes of the past and present.

But is there a way to reverse that, and is the process going in the right direction sufficiently? Matt tries to answer those questions and forge a further path forward on the first summertime edition of his weekly show:

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A lifelong hockey addict, Matt has been fortunate enough to make his career in his sport of choice, working in high school, juniors, college and the pros in various multimedia roles. Previous to joining PHN, Matt was a credentialed Penguins/NHL beat reporter for the past two seasons, including coverage of the 2017 Stanley Cup Final. He signed on with PHN in Feb. 2018 as co-owner, contributing commentary and analysis in various forms.

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