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Stanley Cup Final: Charles Barkley Calls Sidney Crosby ‘Perfect Superstar’



Barkley calls Sidney Crosby Perfect Superstar

In another inane NBC attempt at attracting a crossover audience because the suits in New York don’t think hockey can sell in the U.S., the NBC first intermission analysis featured noted hockey expert and scratch golfer Charles Barkley. What the NBA great and basketball studio analyst had to offer a hockey broadcast other than making Mike Millbury look small and Liam McHugh look microscopic was anyone’s guess, but Barkley did drop high praise on Pittsburgh Penguins star center and Hart trophy nominee Sidney Crosby.

OK, Barkley’s appearance wasn’t a total bust.

In a moment of hard-hitting journalism, studio analyst Keith Jones asked Barkley, “if Kawhi Leonard were a hockey player, who would he be?”

Barkley responded and gave Penguins fans a small reason to watch the trainwreck intermission.

“Sidney Crosby. He’s the perfect superstar. He’s quiet, he’s got to win. You never hear any drama about him,” Barkley started. “I think Kawhi is a great player and a great man, but Sidney Crosby–to me, I probably can’t go home to Philadelphia tomorrow bragging about Sidney Crosby, but he’s the perfect superstar.”

McHugh smiled. Keith Jones did not.

“You never heard anything bad about Sidney Crosby. He’s one of the greatest ever,” Barkley concluded.

Fellow studio analyst Millbury joined in the hard-hitting journalism meant to waste, er fill the 20-minute intermission period with anything but actual hockey content or hockey knowledge for the millions of hockey fans and casual onlookers who otherwise may be hooked by the brilliance of playoff hockey.

Millbury wanted to know Barkley’s opinion on Drake and the NBA Final.

And at this point, we stopped caring again. Perhaps next year, NBC can fill hockey intermissions with dancing bears, cute cats with inspirational phrases, or videos of two-year-olds accidentally hitting their fathers in the testicles with whiffle balls bats. Or Dale Earnhardt Jr. and what he thinks is cool about the crowd?

Perhaps NBC could actually try hockey next time.

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Cindy Hinck
Cindy Hinck
3 years ago

Yes Charles, Sid is the perfect superstar, but Kawhi Leonard doesn’t belong in the same breath as Sid. I say this as the former owner of a Leonard Spurs Jersey. Kawhi is a great talent, but lacks just about everything else that Sid is.

3 years ago

It’s not easy being a hockey fan, lol. The NBC crew mostly suck. As you pointed out, the network has no idea what to say or how to cover a hockey game. The Seacrest-looking guy just hangs out to tee up questions to the other two, who both obviously have compromised brain function. The post-game comments were inane. Even the analysts sounded bored…with their own sport and high paying jobs, even after an amazing Final series, they sounded bored! Beyond NBC, the NHL seems to pander to some imaginary fanbase from the past. It’s like they think that all hockey… Read more »