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Sidney Crosby on Penguins Struggles & Getting Back in Lineup



PITTSBURGH — Pittsburgh Penguins center Sidney Crosby returned to the lineup, Wednesday against the Dallas Stars.


[00:00:07] Back tonight?


You feel good?

Yeah. I feel good. I’m glad that excited to get back in line. Right. Now. I mean you’ve been a part of it a lot of my rallies in this locker room. I mean I imagine it’s a lot of season. What’s the mindset? [00:00:27][20.6]

[00:00:28] Yeah I mean it’s never easy when you’re when you’re losing games. I think you know guys get frustrated and I think it’s just it’s a matter of getting through that and a lot of good things. Lots of games. I love that. You know it’s always a better feeling when yoU win than when you lose.

You Mentioned yesterday you thought that your timing was starting to come together. Or you know had been for a little while. Do you feel like three games one week out is the kind of thing that can be detrimental to that or do you think it’s a short enough thing recently right?

Yeah I think it should not come in second half. In. The first five shifts but I think you know. If I have that same mentality and go out there and play the right way then I think that stuff will come fairly quickly. So that’s what I expect. [00:01:14][9.0]

[00:01:15] I can think of an example where after a much longer time out it did come in the first five shots.

I had a lot more practice stuff I had six months to practice at that point. So less this time around but I know what you’re talking about!  [00:01:27][12.0]

[00:01:28] There’s been talk of simplifying the game. What has been the struggle over the last few weeks for the team to stick to a maybe simple game?

Well it’s just it’s just lot of mistakes. And you know sometimes you make mistakes and are little ones and guys can find a way to bail each other out. But I think in this case they talked about maybe the last week or so we’ve given up some pretty big chances and ones that are hard to recover from so haven’t been always the same thing. And if they were I think we would have solved that. So I think you know it’s just a matter of consistency everywhere a game and if we do that we’ll put one more.

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