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Trade Rumors, Forwards and Injuries | PHN Pens Live Chat



Penguins trade talk | PHN Penguins Live Chat

(PHN) — YouTube closed the live chat board for a while, but Dan Kingerski soldiered through with never before told stories of the Penguins trade activity before the start of the regular season, the current Penguins trade gossip involving Minnesota and Kevin Fiala, and how the Penguins dominating recent opponents including defending Eastern Conference champ Boston Bruins.

Once the chat board came back to life, Dan dove into viewer questions including Matt Murray’s next contract, Erik Gudbranson’s trade, who Dan would like to see in a Pittsburgh Penguins uniform and the message board chatter about New Jersey Devils forward and former Hart Trophy winner Taylor Hall trade rumors.

Rarely, or never at a loss for words, our editor-in-chief extended the chat to get all of the questions answered…before a momentary North Side power outage knocked the studio and the chat offline.

We never know where Dan is going to start, and certainly don’t know where it will end, but it’s another crazy edition of the PHN Pens Live Chat.