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Dan’s Daily Links: Vegas, Rangers Trade Rumors, Women’s Game in Peril



Changes are coming to the Vegas Golden Knights, the New York Rangers are trying to revamp their blue line as NHL trade rumors begin. The NWHL season is in great peril by their own hand. There was a controversial goal in Columbus and a Nova Scotia kid is starting to dominate the playoffs. Does that sound familiar? And do Pittsburgh Penguins fans want a championship or their favorite player?

We’ll start with the percolating debate in the NWHL. More than 200 players are willing to sit out until the business model improves. (TSN)

The league is divided, however (Sportsnet)

The women were right to fight the USOC because they were asked for a year of their lives in exchange for less than contemporaries and less than men. The Olympics are supposedly non-profit so that fight was right. Unfortunately, this fight is with the private sector and probably does not end well unless the NHL decides to become a benefactor. From a business perspective, the game is growing but still struggling to attract enough investment, fans, and interest. The players have every right to decide it’s not worth their time since they won’t personally participate in the gains of the next generation. But that’s the situation. No black hats, just market realities.

The New York Rangers appear ready to put Kevin Shattenkirk on the market. They snared Adam Fox from Carolina via trade last week (great pickup). (New York Post)

The Vegas Golden Knights did some shuffling. GM George McPhee promoted himself and gave the GM job to Kelly McCrimmon who was high on the Edmonton wish list. And VGK could deal Wild Bill if contract talks don’t go well (The Athletic)

Columbus looked slow in the third period. Perhaps the pounding series slowed them. 5 Takeaways from the CBJ side (Columbus Dispatch)

Boston was not happy–and rightfully so–as Artemi Panarin scored a goal after the puck bounced off the netting. Since Columbus made a pass after the puck hit the net it wasn’t reviewable. Yeah, bad rule. Bruins reacted (NESN)

Nathan MacKinnon is tearing up the playoffs. If Colorado keeps chugging along…Conn Smythe. (The Athletic

That might make for a few interesting Tim Horton’s commercials featuring he and Sidney Crosby, eh?

Later today, PHN has a really cool story and opinion from Shelly Anderson. It was something she and I discussed a while ago and she is the best person still covering the Penguins to write the story…

In the meantime, Penguins fans, do you want a championship or your favorite player? It’s a real debate inside the organization, too (Pittsburgh Hockey Now)

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