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Watch Final Word: Pirates Fever, Steelers Draft & Penguins Reversal



Pittsburgh Penguins, WPXI Final Word, Dan Kingerski

The good folks and business partners at WPXI threw our Dan Kingerski into the fire on WPXI’s Final Word. The topics ranged from the Pittsburgh Pirates fever, to the Steelers draft, but Dan brought it back to the Pittsburgh Penguins and (somewhat) surprising reversal of opinion.

Dan and Chris Carter sparred over Barry Bonds and his candidacy for the Pirates Hall of Fame. Dan came out swinging, to the surprise of the studio and Chris.

Don’t worry, it was all in good debate form, but it got spirited.

Though, as usual, Dan admitted he forgot his “Five Words.” Check it out:

Segment 1: Pirates winning. Dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria!


Segment 2: Steelers Draft, Dan was right, and Barry Bonds:


Final Word: Penguins would have been clobbered, and why hockey players are awesome.