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Dan’s Daily: Phil Kessel with the Cup, Penguins’ Next Move?



Phil Kessel, Stanley Cup, NHL trade chatter, Pittsburgh Penguins news

Now that we are officially in lakehouse season, the Daily is getting harder to complete. Fortunately, Wednesday was Phil Kessel’s day with the Stanley Cup, though no hot dogs filled the bowl. Sportsnet isn’t as sold as others on the Pittsburgh Penguins’ improvement, while PHN+ readers got a wide-ranging Q&A, including what comes next and the odds of the Penguins trading for Erik Karlsson. And teams are under the gun as arbitration cases begin in a few days.

I want to thank everyone. The Sports Now Group is already in the millions of readers again this month. Now we have to start marketing ourselves so the rest of Pittsburgh knows how well we’re doing in the face of industry adversity, shrinking staffs, and nationally declining revenues.

Professional staff. Daily content. The formula isn’t complicated.

I also want to thank the hundreds of people whose responses helped me pick a few new small towns to audition as weekend getaways. It’s definitely different strokes for different folks. Wellsboro remains my favorite, but I have a few new ones to try before the end of August. Thanks!

But to those of you who suggested the hotel in WV that costs $750 a night, I may hit your knuckles with a ruler! Dan is not a high roller …

Pittsburgh Penguins:

Pittsburgh Hockey Now: In case you missed it, the Penguins are returning to the Prospects Challenge in Buffalo in mid-September. The Penguins’ prospects might even be competitive.

PHN+: What are the odds the Penguins trade for Erik Karlsson? Should Ty Smith be in the Penguins’ lineup? Are the Penguins too small? And a galvanizing Patric Hornqvist moment. It was fun taking questions from the hardcore readers. Check out the Penguins Q&A.

Steelers Now:

What?! How Julian Edelman almost joined the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The team missed out, and the Steelers’ trade for a Jets WR won’t happen.

And … I’m linking to this purely for the salacious nature because even I clicked on it to read. Antonio Brown propositioned a porn star.

Hey, take your shot, right? Please also notice that I skipped the dozens of puns, jokes, and wisecracks about that story. So many jokes …

Pittsburgh Baseball Now:

Pirates fans can only hope that the lofty dreams of Paul Skenes come true.

The Pirates won! The Pirates won! Get the quickie Pirates recap.

Get the latest updates on the Pirates’ prospects.

NHL News & National Hockey Now:

NHL Network Video: It didn’t spark more NHL trade rumors because it is Week 3 of the stalemate, but Elliotte Friedman thinks the situation is fluid and isn’t sure who is in the lead for Erik Karlsson.

Sportsnet: The Penguins are squarely in the middle of the Sportsnet power rankings. Even Washington is ahead of them. It’s an interesting take from a different view.

Boston Hockey Now: The NHL trade rumors and chatter surrounding Jake DeBrusk died down last season. However, an NHL scout says to get your popcorn ready, because they’re returning next season. The latest Boston Bruins trade chatter.

TSN: The Maple Leafs have a few days to reach a deal with goalie Ilya Samsonov, but the sides are $2.5 million (?!) apart in their arbitration filings.

Vegas Hockey Now: The Vegas Golden Knights celebrations continue. I know yinz want to see it — It was Phil Kessel’s day with the Stanley Cup.