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‘He Taped All of My…Stuff,’ Fleury Pranks Letang Saturday Morning



Pittsburgh Penguins, Marc-Andre Fleury, NHL trade

“You already know he’s in the building,” Pittsburgh Penguins defenseman Kris Letang laughed.

The “he” is new Chicago Blackhawks goalie Marc-Andre Fleury, and Letang was the latest in a long line of victims to Fleury pranks.

Fleury has been known to pull some dandies. He once hung new teammate Justin Schultz’s luggage from the rafters, moved teammates’ entire hotel room, bed and all, into the hallway, and hid in a hockey bag to scare the daylights out of teammate Colby Armstrong.


Sadly, there are no pictures of the Saturday morning heist, but Letang could only laugh as he admitted Fleury got him.

“He already cranked me,” Letang said.

When asked for further details, the Pittsburgh Penguins defenseman admitted Fleury taped all of Letang’s clothes into a ball.

“He taped all of my sh…my stuff into a ball” Letang caught himself as he laughed.

Letang admitted it’s always weird seeing his teammate of 12 years in another jersey. The Vegas Golden Knights traded Fleury this offseason to Chicago, and after some drama, Fleury decided to report to Chicago.

Perhaps bursting everyone’s bubble, Letang said the athletes don’t talk much about the coming game.

“Like..we know. We circle the calendar. We know what’s coming. There’s no need to talk about that,” Letang said. “Obviously, when there’s times in between games, we can hang out, see (each other), and have time away from the rink, we try to catch up–like a dinner or whatever, but last night, they were playing, so…

AT&T Sportsnet game host Dan Potash was the person to ask Letang about meeting or chatting with Marc-Andre Fleury before the game. Potash has also been a victim of Fleury’s mischievous sense of humor…