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NHL Blocks Marc-Andre Fleury Mask Honoring Native Americans



NHL news, Marc-Andre Fleury, Native American Mask banned
Fleury Photo from (AP). Mask Photo from Mike Russo Twitter

Not only did the National Hockey League block Minnesota Wild goalie Marc-Andre Fleury from wearing a mask honoring Native Americans and Indigenous Peoples, but it also threatened the Minnesota Wild franchise with additional fines if Fleury wore it, even in warmups.

The latest black eye for the league regarding social causes broke via X on Friday. Fleury’s agent, Alan Walsh, completed the story first reported by Mike Russo of the Athletic.

The mask was part of the Wild’s American Heritage Night to honor the Prairie Island Indian Community and will still be auctioned off.

As Walsh reported, the former Pittsburgh Penguins goalie was willing to pay a fine to wear the mask in warmups, but the league threatened additional penalties on the Wild organization.

Fleury, whose wife is Native, also put a quote from his father and the names of his children on the back of the mask.

The ban stems from the controversy over Pride tape, which was banned until a recent truce between the league and NHLPA, preventing punishment to players who wished to use it during Pride Night warmups. Before the season, the NHL blocked players from equipment alterations to support causes, including military jerseys.

So, a team can honor the Native community, but one player can’t voluntarily honor the heritage.

No, we don’t get it, either.