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NHL Trade Deadline Primer | PHN Penguins Live Chat



Pittsburgh Penguins Live Chat

It’s less than two weeks away. The Feb. 24 NHL trade deadline is drawing near, but only the only contender to make their move are the Pittsburgh Penguins and GM Jim Rutherford. PHN Editor-in-Chief Dan Kingerski breaks down the NHL trade deadline and discusses Rutherford’s next steps.

Of course, Dan spent almost an hour taking questions on the deadline potentials and untangling the Penguins goalie situation for those who question the Penguins coaches’ decision to use Matt Murray over Tristan Jarry. PHN has some inside information on the decision-making process and the internal discussions.

As usual, it was a no-holds-barred event, and the Penguins Tuesday night loss, 2-1 in OT to Tampa Bay, didn’t help. However, fans seemed to be excited by the Penguins trade to acquire Jason Zucker and what the Penguins lineup could look like if Jake Guentzel returns late in the playoffs or for next season. Dan also received questions about the available players and what type of player the Pittsburgh Penguins need to complete their roster.

Spoiler: Dan discussed a couple of rental defensemen, but of course, he went into great detail. Check out the PHN Live Chat Trade Deadline Primer with Dan Kingerski

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