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Dan’s Daily: Tanev Tops Latest NHL Trade Chatter; Penguins’ Record Saved



Pittsburgh Penguins, vs. Calgary Flames

The Pittsburgh Penguins chipped away at their playoff deficit with a resounding shutout win over the Winnipeg Jets. At the same time, the Vegas Golden Knights protected one of the Penguins’ all-time records by beating the Edmonton Oilers. Chris Tanev has become the hot name in the NHL trade rumors, the New York Rangers are beating the bushes for some help on the trade market, and PHN friend Jesse Granger of The Athletic put forth a hypothetical trade that would send Reilly Smith back to Vegas.

I thought the Penguins’ win Tuesday encapsulated so much that is right but also wrong with the current Penguins. It seemed a perfect display of the truest team. They are capable. I’m telling you–when they show up, they can beat anyone in the East. But there are consistent areas of concern. We’ll get to those below.

Shelly Anderson and I were trading long story jokes at the morning skate on Tuesday. I’ll skip the three-legged pig joke. Here’s one for you (from The Watchmen):

A man goes to the doctor. Says he’s depressed, and life seems cruel. Says he feels all alone in a threatening world. The doctor says, “The treatment is simple. The great clown Pagliacci is in town. Go see him. That should pick you up.”

The man bursts into tears, “But doctor … I am Pagliacci.”

Pittsburgh Penguins

Pittsburgh Hockey Now: The Penguins’ win over Winnipeg was somewhat marred by Brenden Dillon’s cheapshot on Noel Acciari. Coach Mike Sullivan demurred when asked about supplemental discipline but was able to update Accairi’s status.

You can see Dillon’s hit on Acciairi here.

From the response to the hit, the aggressive forecheck, Jesse Puljujarvi, and the locker room reaction to it all. It was a big night but an insightful night, too. It’s all in the Penguins report card.

Dave Molinari’s Morning Six Pack dove into the win, and the Penguins need to make that type of game their bedrock. Dave’s Penguins analysis.

PHN Postgame (video): The good parts, the worries, and Puljujarvi. Also, reader reaction. Watch the Penguins postgame.

NHL Trade Talk, News, & National Hockey Now

TSN Insiders: Chris Tanev is the hot commodity on the NHL trade block. Several teams are eyeing him as a missing piece. And the New York Rangers are protecting their first-round pick, but they’re beating the bushes for a center.

The Athletic ($): This is NOT a trade rumor. Nor is it a report. Got it? However, Jesse Granger put forth an idea that seemed to strike a chord. Should the Golden Knights reacquire Reilly Smith from the Penguins? The trade proposal.

Sportsnet: The 1992-93 Pittsburgh Penguins’ record for the longest winning streak remains intact. The Edmonton Oilers were on the verge of tying history until their arch-nemesis Vegas Golden Knights, slammed the door.

I do like those Golden Knights…  The 1985 through 1993 Penguins were my childhood. That 1992-93 team and the upset will sting forever, but it’s nice to protect their record.

Boston Hockey Now: The Bruins may not be chasing a big splash as everyone expects. It seems there are changing sea tides in the harbor town. Unless the Bruins get a long-term fit like Noah Hanafin, sources tell Jimmy Murphy to expect GM Don Sweeney to only nibble at the NHL trade market.

Metro/Playoff Race

The Capitals lost. That was good, but otherwise, the Penguins didn’t get much help Tuesday.

New Jersey Hockey Now: The Penguins have a few games in hand on the swamp monsters, but c’mon Nate MacKinnon! The Colorado Avalanche could have helped the Penguins by beating the Devils but failed. It was a big win with lots of feel-goods for the New Jersey Devils.

Philly Hockey Now: Losers of five straight locker room turmoil after their starting goalie was found to be one of the five players involved in the alleged 2018 Hockey Canada sexual assault scandal, the Flyers seemed ripe for a fall. Nope. They dispatched the toughest team in the East, the Florida Panthers. Here are the details from a big Philadelphia Flyers win.

Also from Jon Bailey, who is quickly becoming our newest rock star on the NHN network. The NHL granted the Flyers, Devils, and Flames salary cap reprieve for the players who figure to be gone for the rest of the season (and much longer?). How the Flyers can and won’t spend their new salary cap space.