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Dan’s Daily: A Mess in Columbus; Are the Penguins Too Proud?



Pittsburgh Penguins, Sidney Crosby, Montreal Canadiens

Grab your popcorn, as the NHL trade rumors and news are going to get interesting in a few spots across the league. The Pittsburgh Penguins have shown an ability to win tight, low-scoring games but don’t seem to abandon that mindset when they face their Metro Division rivals. Success might hinge on the Penguins vs. themselves. The Edmonton Oilers blew a two-goal third period to the Florida Panthers, and the calls for a goaltender are getting hot enough to melt steel. The Columbus Blue Jackets are coming apart at the seams, and Boston Bruins forward Milan Lucic will be arraigned today on some ugly domestic charges.

I had a long chat with a Vegas colleague last night, and we talked about the Penguins game Sunday night. The person I was chatting with knows the nuts and bolts of the game and was impressed with the Penguins. He couldn’t believe that they were the team that showed how to beat Vegas’ stay-home defender style — get the puck behind the goal line and force the defenders off the post to the wall, then slip a forward to the net. It’s gritty, ugly, and winning hockey.

Then I sent him my piece from yesterday that the Penguins can do those things but seemingly insist on trying to beat their Metro Division foes with their traditional speed game. He laughed because it seems a few other teams in the league have that same mental block. The Colorado Avalanche insist on trying to beat Vegas with a speed game because “that’s Colorado’s game.’

Ego, I suppose? It was fun to talk hockey beyond a professional setting. I should try it more.

Pittsburgh Penguins

Pittsburgh Hockey Now: Sidney Crosby had a pretty good week. He’s leading the league (or was) in points per 60 minutes and even strength points. The NHL named him the third star of the week.

And here’s the column in question. The Penguins can play several styles, but despite denials from the locker room, they get pulled into a different game against the fast Metro rivals. Can the Penguins let go, or will it be a season of battling themselves? The Penguins vs. the Penguins.

Steelers Now

The Steelers offense stinks. Najee Harris ripped it. Now Diontae Johnson is voicing his frustrations with the Pittsburgh Steelers, too.

So what to do? Should the Steelers bench Kenny Pickett?

With mounting injuries to the interior, the Steelers had to reach back to find a linebacker that can play. The team brought Myles Jack out of retirement. Here’s the latest Steelers news.

Pittsburgh Baseball Now

Among the non-tendered free agents are a few potential Pittsburgh Pirates targets.

PBN+: For our subscribers, the one Rule 5 Draft option for the Pirates to consider.

PBN is really cranking out the MLB News and staying on top of the game.

NHL Trade Talk, News & National Hockey Now

Boston Hockey Now: Milan Lucic will be arraigned today. Yesterday, the police report was released, as well as more details on the incident that began over a lost cell phone. Here’s the full story on the Milan Lucic incident.

I hate bad news, and I hate personal news. I much prefer talking about hockey…

Montreal Hockey Now: The NHL trade rumors are connecting two Canadian teams. The Edmonton Oilers are looking at the Montreal Canadiens’ goalies, Samuel Montembeault, Cayden Primeau, or Jake Allen. The Canadiens trade rumors.

32 Thoughts: The mess in Columbus. Patrik Laine was a scratch. Team imploding. Think of the prospects! Something has to give pretty soon in Columbus.

Philly Hockey Now: It seems some teams are kicking tires and are interested in Flyers defenseman Sean Walker, who’s becoming an interesting NHL trade target.

New Jersey Hockey Now: Jack Hughes returned. Now, Nico Hischier returns. Those blazing-fast, talented, and thorn-in-the-Penguins-side New Jersey Devils are getting healthy.

Florida Hockey Now: The meltdown in Florida. Things might be hotter up north than in Sunrise because the Edmonton Oilers had a win in their hands but gifted it back to the Florida Panthers.

Detroit Hockey Now: Speaking of goalie problems sinking a team, the Detroit Red Wings cast off Magnus Hellberg and Alex Nedeljkovic for a new cast of characters. None of the new guys are playing well, and the Detroit Red Wings don’t know what to do.

Vegas Hockey Now: The Golden Knights are struggling. Our Chris Gawlik writes, “Who Cares?” The champs started with 19 of 20 points, and regression was inevitable, so everyone chillax about the Vegas Golden Knights.

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9 days ago

If Lemieux and company could play a trap in the playoffs to beat Washington, there’s no reason they can’t change things now. Play the style of game that gives you the best chance to WIN and not to get the most goals, assists or highlight reel plays.

8 days ago
Reply to  Jstripsky

They had to be down 3 games to 1 before they accepted it! I’m not sure if the Pens have it in them to play with that effort consistently.