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5-Minute Penguins Postgame: Crosby Hot, Pens Fight Through; Full Analysis



COLUMBUS — When one of the greatest players of all time decided that his team wasn’t going to lose, generally, he got his way. Sidney Crosby powered the Penguins’ 5-3 win over the Columbus Blue Jackets with a hat trick and four points.

Crosby and defenseman Erik Karlsson connected on a pretty tip play later in the third period. Crosby’s deflection fit neatly under the crossbar, and the struggling Blue Jackets understood their fate.

“He obviously had a pretty inspired effort,” said coach Mike Sullivan. “I think he really likes to play in Columbus. I think he always seems to play well in this building — that has been my observation over the last, I don’t know, however many years it’s been.”

Sullivan is coming up on his eighth anniversary in December.

However, not all Penguins had great games. Dan broke down the sloppy first period and the players who missed assignments and were too generous with the puck. Hint: Evgeni Malkin was one.

Check it out after after game–the 5-minute Penguins postgame.