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Dan’s Daily: Penguins Collapse; Torts Suspended; Wild Pull Fleury



Pittsburgh Penguins, John Tortorella, NHL Trade rumors

I suppose over the coming five weeks, Pittsburgh Hockey Now will effort to find some fun and joy in the hockey season. The Pittsburgh Penguins surely have not and are unlikely to provide it. The Penguins’ collapse is nearly complete after another dispirited loss Sunday. I provided a critical assessment of the situation, as well. Elsewhere in the Daily, the Ottawa Senators are set up on the NHL trade market this summer. The Minnesota Wild pulled Marc-Andre Fleury, but they shocked everyone when they did it. The NHL suspended John Tortorella for that outburst and ejection on Saturday, while former Penguins Mike Matheson is still drawing raves for his late-season performance, and Connor Bedard piled up the points.

I had one postgame column written regarding the Penguins’ current status, but I must confess that I lack the conviction of it. Dave said I didn’t go far enough. My trusted business partner called it “a doozy.” So, I called an audible and instead emptied the tank, telling you what I’ve seen from the inside. Conclusions are becoming inescapable.

I also don’t know if I see any benefit to completing these upcoming road trips, such as Dallas and Denver. I’d like your input.

Fortunately, you’re still with us, but if you check out, we’ll save the money and adopt a less aggressive travel schedule. Suddenly, this feels like “Winter is coming.” I’m off to Ottawa as soon as I finish writing this morning (actually, I stay in Brockville–a quaint little town one hour south of Ottawa with a $65 B&B and little shops and restaurants. It shortens the eight-hour drive quite nicely). Let’s see if I can avoid speeding tickets, car trouble, and other silliness that always seems to accompany the Ottawa trip.

Pittsburgh Penguins

Pittsburgh Hockey Now: I’m gonna free fall, out into nothin’. Gonna leave this (playoff chase) for a while. The Penguins had a lifeless 4-0 loss to the Edmonton Oilers. The free fall continues. Get the Penguins recap.

Dave Molinari’s six-pack takeaways. John Ludvig roared but got tossed for it. Otherwise, can anyone score? Dave’s Penguins takeaways.

OK, here’s one of my sharp elbow columns. I’ve got a couple more that I hope I don’t have to publish. In short, the Penguins are crumbling from within. My Penguins’ analysis.

NHL Trade Talk, News & National Hockey Now

Since many folks are new around here, the Daily is a links column. Instead of stealing (aggregating) the work of journalists across the hockey world, we link you to their work so they recoup the benefits.

Ottawa Sun: The Senators didn’t do much at the NHL trade deadline, trading only Vladimir Tarasenko. However, Bruce Garrioch reports the Senators are set up to wheel and deal on the NHL trade market this summer.

Philly Hockey Now: The Philadelphia Flyers coach snapped on Saturday. The Flyers alumni in attendance, the fans, and even the national TV audience that saw the highlights loved it. The NHL did not. The league suspended John Tortorella.

The Athletic ($): Many of the players didn’t know that if you pull your goalie in overtime, you lose the loser’s point. No soup for you. However, needing a win to stay in the playoff race, Minnesota Wild coach Jon Hynes pulled Marc-Andre Fleury in OT, and it worked. A look inside the Wild locker room after that crazy win.

Is anyone else jealous of the teams still fighting?

Sportsnet: Now I’m twisting the knife. The best player on the ice Saturday between the Montreal Canadiens and Toronto Maple Leafs? Yep, former Penguins blue liner Mike Matheson.

You may tee off on that Penguins trade. We questioned it at the time, but like most media, we did not spend hours scouting Petry before the trade. Incomprehensible would be the kind word.

NYI Hockey Now: The Islanders have succeeded where the Penguins failed. They’ve won six in a row and are IN a playoff spot. The latest from the New York Islanders.

Detroit Hockey Now (+): Yes, PHN+ readers can read the story — How new Islanders coach Patrick Roy finally got through and has the Islanders hot on the heels of the Detroit Red Wings.