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Penguins Fan Poll: Favorites, Trades & Biggest Surprises



Pittsburgh Penguins, P.O Joseph, Jeff Carter, Penguins trade

The Pittsburgh Penguins’ fan base seems as split as recent Penguins results. In the most recent PHN Penguins fan poll, there were some overwhelming winners (or losers), as well as some close calls.

The last week has soured a few fans, and coach Mike Sullivan has not been happy with his team, but it appears Penguins fans are bullish on their team. Or at least they were until a couple of days ago.

Thus far, Sidney Crosby has easily been the Penguins’ MVP, but who is second? It might be somewhat shocking that Evgeni Malkin finished a distant third.

Two particularly interesting votes were the most surprising player and the player most likely to turn around a bad season. Finally, despite the vitriol and often incessant nattering nabobs of negativity aimed squarely at two-thirds of the Pittsburgh Penguins core, it seems most fans are happy that Kris Letang and Evgeni Malkin were re-signed.

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The Penguins lost their third consecutive game since the NHL holiday break on Friday, but while Twitter and comment sections can be an outlet for momentary anger, it seems the poll results tell a different story. Also, we checked the logs to ensure no one rigged the polls or voted hundreds of times.

For the record, the most surprising player should be Marcus Pettersson, and the player most likely to turn around his season is Kasperi Kapanen. I also suspect by the end of the season, P.O Joseph will garner a few more votes for favorite new player.

He has been one of the Penguins playing on his toes after the holiday.

Did your fellow fans get it right? Happy New Year!