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Dan’s Daily: Good News Behind the Penguins, Sullivan Benches Players



Pittsburgh Penguins, Tristan Jarry, Jeff Carter

The Pittsburgh Penguins got good news and bad news in their fight for a playoff spot. The news behind them was good. The news ahead of them was bad. The LA Kings beat the Islanders, but the Rangers beat the Capitals. Coach Mike Sullivan put a few players on the bench for most of the Penguins’ loss to the Montreal Canadiens, who snapped a seven-game losing streak. Andrei Svechnikov is done for the season, the Ottawa Senators are fading fast, and the Jonathan Quick revenge tour continued.

I got the funniest text on Tuesday. A few months ago, I binged Loudermilk on Amazon. In addition to the writers being big Penguins fans and peppering the second season with some obscure Penguins references, the main character’s biting sarcasm and general irritation with humanity hit close to home.

Fast forward to Tuesday. I received a text from an old friend I hadn’t seen in years: “Have you seen Loudermilk? … It was absolutely you.”

It was the best compli-sault. Part compliment, part insult. Yes, we dated. I suppose I do make an impression, even years later. I also recommend the show. Now to the hockey…

Pittsburgh Penguins

Buckle up, there’s some great Penguins content. We’ll skip the injury stories. Dmitry Kulikov is out week to week. Jan Rutta and Jeff Petry suffered injuries Tuesday. There is a lot to get to, and we hit it hard.

Pittsburgh Hockey Now: A 6-4 loss to the lowly Montreal Canadiens. Dave Molinari’s ugly Penguins recap.

There were some salty responses. Kris Letang said they took their foot off the gas. Go inside the Penguins’ locker room.

PHN+: The Penguins outshot Montreal 43-22 but lost. Jarry pulled, Carter benched, and awful mistakes. Get the unflinching Penguins report card.

The postgame Q&A. Fans had some serious and tough questions. Give it a watch. Penguins Q&A.

PHN+: And here’s something that I enjoyed writing. I didn’t know what I had when I started, but it came together in something I enjoyed. For the first time in a long time, the Pittsburgh Penguins had three players 25 and under in the lineup. I got a laugh from Alex Nylander, and I have standing permission from Drew O’Connor to spice up his quotes. Playing with legends, the young guys are bringing “some juice” to the Penguins lineup.

Penguins Playoffs, NHL News & National Hockey Now

Washington Hockey Now: Get the full story — Alex Ovechkin missed the game due to injury, and the Rangers skated past the Washington Capitals.

New York is now eight points ahead of the Penguins. The Penguins need to win the next two vs. New York in regulation to have a chance at third place. The Penguins are seven points better than the Capitals, with one game in hand.

NYI Hockey Now: The LA Kings helped the Penguins by beating the New York Islanders.

LA Hockey Now: The Kings’ first line is reaching new heights with former second-overall pick Quinton Byfield.

The Penguins remained two up on the Islanders for the top wild card, with two games in hand. The Penguins are five points ahead of the Florida Panthers, now with no games in hand.

TSN: The Penguins’ possible playoff opponent, the Carolina Hurricanes, suffered a hit Tuesday. Andrei Svechnikov’s second opinion wasn’t better than the first. He suffered a torn ACL and is out for the year.

The Ottawa Senators lost to Edmonton 6-3. That pretty much ends their chance of catching the Penguins, and they are eight points back. However, they’re six back of the Islands with two games in hand. But they might want to start winning a few games.

Leon Draisaitl hit the 100-point mark in the Edmonton win.

Boston Hockey Now: Ok, what the?! Chicago beat Boston. Really, it’s no joke. Even before the game, Joe Haggerty wondered aloud: Is it time to worry about the Boston Bruins?

“Heard joke once: Man goes to doctor. Says he’s depressed. Says life seems harsh and cruel. Says he feels all alone in a threatening world where what lies ahead is vague and uncertain. Doctor says, ‘Treatment is simple. Great clown Pagliacci is in town tonight. Go and see him. That should pick you up.’ Man bursts into tears. Says, ‘But doctor…I am Pagliacci.'”

Now that’s a joke.

Philly Hockey Now: The Flyers’ odds for Connor Bedard keep improving. That’s probably bad news for the Penguins. And Sean Couturier is pushing to play this season. Philadelphia Flyers news.

Vegas Hockey Now: The Golden Knights beat the Flyers 5-3. Teddy Blueger scored a goal on a Phil Kessel rebound. The NHL trade deadline acquisitions are paying off handsomely for the Vegas Golden Knights.

No worries, I’m just twisting the knife a little.

Colorado Hockey Now: A little video from the practice rink. Our ace reporter Evan Rawal got wind of the veterans working out. Check it: Erik Johnson pushing the pace, and Gabriel Landeskog is skating.

The Avalanche’s Cup hopes probably rest on Landy’s status.

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Steve Malik
Steve Malik
5 days ago

Carter Perry Dumo = Loss

Mighty Quin
Mighty Quin
4 days ago
Reply to  Steve Malik

You forgot Joseph, who was largely responsible for the game-winner . . . #Hexed

4 days ago

Sullivan doesn’t seem to have any answers to get this team playing the way they need to play if they want to be successful, so benching them might be a last ditch effort. Players (with a few exceptions) seem too comfortable with their spotty performance. There’s no significant help coming from WBS so why should they worry about being replaced in the lineup? I’m sick and tired of hearing about veteran leadership on the team. If we really had that, they would be holding each other accountable for he on ice product.

Vince Gori
Vince Gori
4 days ago

Carter wasn’t necessarily directly to blame on all the goals. There were 4 others out there with him. He can’t get a break.

4 days ago

A shame all these trades are backfiring now with injuries and a 5 million 3rd line center!

Alan Smith
4 days ago

Hey let’s get negative immediately following a loose again! Can count on it! Go Pens!

Randal stutler
Randal stutler
4 days ago
Reply to  Alan Smith

I agree with you hey we got 8 points out of 10 on the home stand and played a couple strong opponents but because of a terrible game when we lost 2 defensemen the so called fans go nuts. They base everything on the Cup finals. We aren’t at the top but we are competing.Some lean years are coming and these so called fans will disappear.