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Dan’s Daily: Senators Good Riddance to DeBrincat; Penguins Jobs at Stake



NHL trade talk, Alex DeBrincat, Pittsburgh Penguins jobs at stake

The Pittsburgh Penguins will essentially hold a job fair next week for veteran hockey players while we also look at the biggest surprises and disappointments of the Penguins’ off-season. The Ottawa Senators said good riddance to Alex DeBrincat. Could the LA Kings chase John Gibson on the NHL trade market? There was plenty of news from the Montreal Canadiens golf outing Monday, including the former goalie coach disrespecting the Canadiens captain and Mike Matheson being given a leadership role. And Zach Parise doesn’t seem interested in a new contract.

Today will be some fun news for the Hockey Now family. I’m not sure how much our Steelers fans will like it, but it should be a fun day, at least until the rain blankets us for 12 hours (according to the radar).

PHN has been booking travel for the upcoming season. It’s been daunting because I carefully plan and fastidiously search for the best values regardless of name-brand. There are a couple of trips that I wonder if you really care if we cover in person. There’s a back-to-back in Minnesota and Winnipeg, then straight home. To ensure I make it to Winnipeg, I would again drive all night, probably through a snowstorm (again). There’s also an expensive one-off in St. Louis and a quickie through Denver and Dallas.

I’ll ask you. Do we go old school and do everything possible to be there for all 82, or do we follow the lead of larger companies and skip a few to save a lot of money, which is also very important? My heart is torn on the matter, and I wouldn’t mind hearing your thoughts (privately or in the comments).

Pittsburgh Penguins:

Pittsburgh Hockey Now: It’s like the NHL’s full-employment act. The Pittsburgh Penguins training camp will have jobs at stake.

Drafting Brayden Yager, Getting Kyle Dubas and Erik Karlsson, and not getting Tomas Tatar. It’s been a roller coaster off-season. The biggest surprises and disappointments of the Penguins off-season.

We also project the cuts, including some coming surprises in the Penguins training camp.

Steelers Now:

Oh boy. Cam Heyward is almost a worst-case scenario. The heart of the Steelers is out for at least eight weeks. The latest Steelers news.

There are two stories on Steelers Now about replacing Heyward. Could a jumbo NT solve the Steelers’s defensive line issue?

Or could the Steelers pull a rabbit out of their hat and sign J.J. Watt??

Pittsburgh Baseball Now:

Ke’Bryan Hayes used social media to blast umpires for not caring and welcomed the robot umps. Bring on ABS? The Pirates news.

A pitcher is pushing for a late-season call-up. The latest Pirates prospect report.

Last night was a beautiful night at the ballpark, and the Pirates brought in some heavyweight talent for the National Anthem and God Bless America. The city skyline was highlighted with Red, White, and Blue atop the Gulf Tower, USX, and the Highmark Building. Also…the Pirates stunk. It was a 6-2 drubbing by the Nationals. Get the quickie Pirates recap.


NHL Trade Talk, News & National Hockey Now:

Detroit Hockey Now: So long, Alex DeBrincat, don’t let the door hit you where the good Lord split you. The Ottawa Senators didn’t want a player who didn’t want to be there, and Tim Stutzle said so. DeBrincat is home with the Detroit Red Wings.

I never thought I’d be able to use that expression on PHN. My day is complete.

**Philly Hockey Now: This story keeps getting stranger. After getting scratched for several games to start the season, seventh-overall pick and Russian phenom Matvei Michkov has been loaned to another Russian team.

He must have some opinions on his indentured servitude to the KGB dictator.

Washington Hockey Now: There’s a new top prospect for the Washington Capitals.

NYI Hockey Now: Zach Parise is comfortable at home in Minnesota. He hasn’t signed and won’t attend the New York Islanders training camp.

The Athletic $: The trades that happened and could happen this season. The NHL trade rumors will be buzzing. Of all teams, could the LA Kings pry John Gibson out of Anaheim?

Montreal Hockey Now: Sometimes, praise for one comes out as criticism of others. The former Canadiens goalie coach tossed Nick Suzuki under the bus to praise Brendan Gallagher. An interesting day with the Montreal Canadiens.

Also in Montreal, they are still appreciating the return for Jeff Petry, Part One. Marc Dumont called it the perfect choice — Mike Matheson will get an A on his sweater.

Colorado Hockey Now: Toby Peterson! You remember him? In his first NHL game, he netted a hat trick while playing beside Mario Lemieux. He’s the new skills coach for the Colorado Avalanche.

Boston Hockey Now: Zdeno Chara is training for the New York City Marathon.

I could run the NYC Marathon. With about 12 stops for pizza. Maybe some Chinese, a chicken parm at Benito One, a beer at McSorley’s, a rest in Strawberry Fields (Central Park), and a good pastrami. Heck, maybe some spicy pork?