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PHN Penguins Live Chat: Penguins Trouble, Real Blame & Scape Goats



From the PHN studios in downtown Pittsburgh, Dan Kingerski rolls through the Penguins’ troubles, from turnovers to defensemen and inconsistent scoring.

Kingerski was in the locker rooms from Edmonton to Seattle and again Tuesday when the Boston Bruins rallied to beat the Penguins 6-5 in OT.

Did the Bruins rally or did the Penguins give it away? Is Brian Dumoulin a goat or a scapegoat? What about Jeff Petry? Dan will share his insights from the room, as well as his unique hockey perspectives.

No one covers the team quite like Dan.

What and who are the causes of the Penguins’ five-game winless streak, and who are the scapegoats?

As always, your input, too. Join the live chat Wednesday at 1 p.m. EST.

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