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Dan’s Daily: Trade Chatter; Penguins Lose Tarasenko; What About Crosby?



Pittsburgh Penguins, Bryan Rust, Sidney Crosby. Penguins News on Rust's injury

It seems a few of us had the same thought on July 3. What about Sidney Crosby? Pittsburgh Hockey Now published a genuine look at the Penguins’ future and Crosby’s options later Wednesday morning. TSN analysts also kicked at the topic of Crosby leaving. By the afternoon, newspapers and radio were talking about the topic, too. The latest NHL trade rumors focus on Edmonton because the Stanley Cup finalists need to clear salary before next season, and it’s a game of trade market roulette. Vladimir Tarasenko signed with an Eastern Conference rival, and the NHL will break the gender barrier behind the bench next season.

The Crosby stuff was interesting. I wonder how much of a coincidence it is that several outlets began discussing the Crosby story today or if PHN let the horse out of the barn. Hopefully, you thought our story was responsible, insightful, and interesting. It certainly sparked a good bit of reader reaction on all sides.

Happy July 4th, everyone. We live in unprecedented times, but that is all the more reason to believe in the ideals that founded this great experiment, which has afforded us more freedoms than any group of people have ever experienced. Farmers marched through the snow without boots 248 years ago to fight against the largest standing army in the world, facing one of the greatest generals who ever lived, and God willing, we won.

More of us should remember who we truly are and watch some colorful gunpowder explosions together in true American fashion, as long as the fireworks are Zambelli, of course.

Pittsburgh Penguins

Pittsburgh Hockey Now: Rookie camp starts on Saturday. All of the practices and the tournament are free and open to the public. Here’s the schedule and the notable attendees: The Penguins prospects roster.

So, where’s the Sidney Crosby contract? Is president of hockey operations/GM Kyle Dubas setting up for the big rebuild next summer? There are a lot of questions, and you may not like the answers for the Penguins’ future.

Pittsburgh Baseball Now: Walkoff win! Still bubbling around .500 and within shouting distance of the wild card, Oneil Cruz delivered the winning hit over the St. Louis Cardinals. Here’s the Pittsburgh Pirates win.

Steelers Now: Uh oh. There’s a snag in contract negotiations between Cam Heyward and the Steelers.

NHL Trade Talk, News & National Hockey Now

Detroit Hockey Now: So long to the possibility the Penguins could sign Vladimir Tarasenko. PHN can confirm the Penguins were interested, but they couldn’t get it done. Instead, he signed a two-year deal with the Detroit Red Wings.

TSN Video: In addition to our story, TSN dove head first into the “Crosby’s future” pool, and with some amusement, Frankie Corrado had the same thought about the Montreal Canadiens. Should Crosby leave?

I will confess to painstakingly reviewing my column, writing, rewriting, and adding more just to make sure I covered all the bases because I knew it would be dissected. It was pretty wild to see someone else have the same thought. I was shocked at how many of you want only the best for Crosby, even at your own expense. That’s true fandom.

Sportsnet: Dan Bylsma and the Seattle Kraken have made history. Seattle broke the gender barrier Wednesday by naming Jessica Campbell, who previously was Bylsma’s assistant in Coachella Valley, as Kraken assistant coach.

The Athletic ($): Bad news for the Western Conference champs. They are over the salary cap and have two impactful RFAs yet to be signed. So, what happens now? Edmonton does not have a GM or cap space, so it’s time to put players, including Evander Kane and Ryan McLeod, on the NHL trade block. Somebody might get a pretty good deal.

Florida Hockey Now (+): PHN+ subscribers can read this– Finally, a Stanley Cup champion, Paul Maurice.