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Dan’s Daily: Flyers Make Angry Trade; Penguins Figuring it Out



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PHILADELPHIA — The Pittsburgh Penguins look like they are figuring it out. They scraped and skated through the Philadelphia Flyers on Monday in a 4-1 win. We’ve got the deets and full analysis from Philly. Jaws dropped during the first period when the Flyers traded their prized prospect, Cutter Gauthier. The story got more interesting when the Flyers revealed it was because Gauthier didn’t want to be a Flyer and disrespectfully ghosted management. There’s a lot more below. Also in the Daily, the Edmonton Oilers are now the top-grossing revenue team in the league, but their GM is non-committal about NHL trade deadline plans. And the Toronto Maple Leafs gave $92 million to William Nylander.

I just ran out of time and energy to do more on the Penguins’ win over the Flyers. Sometimes, I take two bites of the apple in this job, and as much as I wanted to write another analysis piece of some of the smaller yet significant items, the body said nyet.

We’re going to have a couple of pieces today, and there’s a topic I floated in the postgame video (posted only on the YouTube channel today) that I’m going to explore.

However, I also want to get another sandwich at Hershel’s East Side Deli in the Reading Terminal Market. Softest pastrami I’ve ever had. Twitter peeps also tell me the Brisket is a next-level special, too. If I could, I’d spend a year eating my way through the Terminal. Of course, that would require living in downtown Philly … no thanks. The gunshot I heard inside a Center City parking garage as I walked toward the hotel. It put a little urgency in my stride.

I don’t scare easily. That got me stepping.

Pittsburgh Penguins

Pittsburgh Hockey Now: The Penguins got goals from their stars, but lots of good work from the guys who aren’t stars. The Penguins officially arrived back in the playoff race with a 4-1 win over the Flyers. Dave Molinari used a great headline, too, in the Penguins recap.

The report card is free for everyone. I really sunk my teeth into the game. Sure, there were imperfections, but if you look closely, you’re also seeing the evolution of the Penguins. Coach Mike Sullivan seemed to find the perfect lines, and here’s a surprising question — are the Penguins becoming tough? The full Penguins breakdown.

PHN YouTube: The postgame video. I wasn’t crazy about my bleary-eyed performance (take a look; maybe I’m wrong), but there was a LOT to unpack from the win. There are also plenty of reasons for optimism. Yes, for the Penguins.

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Philly Hockey Now: The trade was Gauthier to Anaheim for Jamie Drysdale and a second-round pick. But that’s where the fun began. Gauthier not only told the Flyers he wouldn’t sign but also refused to speak with management for months. The Flyers were not amused, and GM Daniel Briere didn’t hide it — More on the reasons for the Flyers trade.

I hear that president of hockey operations Keith Jones, was blunt on the TV broadcast, too. The Flyers studio panel was offended and ripped Gauthier. Since I know you’ll eat up their indignation with a spoon, here ya go:

So, the Flyers traded the kid to one of the smallest fanbases and least interested markets in the league. While Philly writers and fans were throwing up their hands at the deal, I think they did spectacularly well. Drysdale is a No. 1 defenseman in the making. Those ain’t cheap.

Montreal Hockey Now: I’d call this a big miss by Montreal. The Flyers were quietly trying to trade Gauthier for months, keeping his disrespect on the down low. They reportedly pushed hard at the NHL Draft or a trade with the Montreal Canadiens.

Sportsnet: The Maple Leafs gave William Nylander $92 million over eight years. With the richest deal in team history, the TML placed some big expectations on their cornerstone.

Sportsnet Vancouver: The Vancouver Canucks and coach Rick Tocchet are still finding ways to win. They helped the Penguins a bit on Monday when they flexed their young talent and beat the New York Rangers at MSG.

TSN: The issue that will affect the NHL trade chatter (or not?). The Maple Leafs GM doesn’t know what to do with goalie Ilya Samsonov, or at least is saying no decisions have been made.

Edmonton Journal: The Edmonton Oilers are now the highest-grossing team in the NHL, but in the same blog, David Staples warns against going back to the old days of no salary cap. For those of you who forget the days before the cap — this is a good read from David.