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Dan’s Daily: Rempe Cheap Shot; More Penguins Deadline Fallout



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In the days leading up to the NHL trade deadline, the Pittsburgh Penguins players thought Jake Guentzel might be staying. It only added to the tumult when Guentzel was dealt. In his 32 Thoughts, Elliotte Friedman had a few more nuggets regarding the Penguins trade deadline fallout, including if the Penguins will deal Erik Karlsson. Elsewhere in the Daily, Matt Rempe did his dirty deeds, but this time went too far with a cheap shot on a vulnerable player. Kelly McCrimmon defended his use of LTIR, and the state of Arizona will discuss the Coyotes land situation on Thursday.

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Pittsburgh Hockey Now: I don’t know why I got a few angry reactions to this story, but it ruffled a few troll feathers. It’s time to make a few call-ups and wonder if one star player is out of gas. The Penguins blog.

Friedman went counter to the inferences we all made on Feb. 26 when Penguins president of hockey operations/GM Kyle Dubas put Erik Karlsson in the core. However, Friedman is now talking about Karlsson and a possible Penguins trade.

I’m with Friedman here. Karlsson came to the Penguins to avoid a rebuild–he stated such–and if the Penguins aren’t going to be competitive for a Stanley Cup, then it is splitsville. It would be a shame; he’s the best conversation in the Penguins locker room in some time.

PHN+: Dave hit the nail on the head here. Our subscribers responded — Is Sidney Crosby facing his biggest challenge?

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New Jersey Hockey Now: “Be a man!” Rangers goon Matt Rempe dished an elbow to a vulnerable Devils player, then mocked Devils tough guy Kurtis MacDermid, who came to defend his teammate. A war of words ensued after the game. Our James Nichols was front and center in the locker room. Here’s the New Jersey Devils beef.

Sportsnet: More 32 Thoughts — the full podcast with goodies, NHL trade chatter for the summer, John Tortorella, Jake Guentzel, you got it.

TSN: Ottawa Senators center Josh Norris can’t seem to get over the hump and stay healthy. His twice repaired shoulder is about to be a thrice repaired shoulder. He’s done for the year…or more.

Montreal Hockey Now: Oh the NHL trade rumors never stop. Lining up dance partners for the summer, the Habs are salary cap flush and open for business. Teams are calling the Montreal Canadiens.

Calgary Hockey Now: See if this looks familiar, Penguins fans — Perfectly consistent in their volatility, the Calgary Flames!

Sportsnet: The state will discuss on Thursday. The latest on the Arizona land situation.

For heaven’s sake, just move them. I’ve been to Arizona twice, and the arena is pathetic. Players got rained on as they exited the arena to the modular locker room. The media room didn’t have the game on TV, so replays were nil. Half of the arena can’t see the other half of the ice. The facilities are slightly above municipal rink status. The practice rink is straight-up sad.  MOVE THEM!