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Penguins Postgame: Fans Demand Changes as Pens Flatline in AZ



TEMPE, Ariz — The Pittsburgh Penguins lost the Arizona Coyotes 5-2 at Mullett Arena on Monday. It was the”how” that put the exclamation point on a bad Penguins road trip that undid much of the recent success.

Fans want answers.

They also want changes, firings, and trades. We did a Q&A video following the game from Mullett Arena, and the submissions were not pretty.

Gone was the Penguins gritty game. Bye-bye to the defensive responsibility and puck possession. The Penguins didn’t just “not have it,” they also scored into their own goal when Evgeni Malkin carelessly played Kris Letang’s back-pass in the third period.

Arizona became the first team in NHL history to score a power-play goal without recording a power-play shot on goal in the game.

Penguins fans were roiling mad. In the postgame Q&A,