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Dan’s Daily: Big Trouble in Little Toronto, When Will Penguins’ Prospect be Ready?



Sidney Crosby Pittsburgh Penguins

It’s a question we haven’t had to ask in a while because the Pittsburgh Penguins have been devoid of NHL-worthy prospects, but when will the Penguins’ top prospect be ready for the NHL? The NHL news slowed greatly on July 4, which is funny because, by comparison, Canada Day is a no-holds-barred free-for-all of NHL trade rumors, signings, and scoops. What is holding up an Alex DeBrincat trade? Max Domi put into a few words why he signed with the Toronto Maple Leafs, the Carolina Hurricanes are seen as a big winner so far, while the Boston Bruins are taking it on the chin, and Vladimir Tarasenko is mulling over as many as six offers.

Maybe because it was a Tuesday, but what happened yesterday? Where was everyone? The parking lot where we watched the Pittsburgh City fireworks was mostly empty. There wasn’t nearly as much traffic as usual, and I had the same experience on my motorcycle ride. My BBQ place was closed. The little specialty ice cream place in Coudersport was closed. I didn’t see many family gatherings on my ride, either. Yesterday felt like an ordinary Tuesday.

For the few of you who ask and the even fewer of you who care, I did get a long ride north in to clear the mind. Kane, Coudersport, Emporium, and a moonshine distillery between St. Mary’s and Dubois. I always recommend a Texas Hot burger ($3.45) at Texas Hot Lunch in Kane, which is just a great little diner. I found a little ice cream stand in Emporium. Below is a chocolate sprinkles-dipped cone, and I ate it in the parking lot because I attacked it like a honey badger. And I picked up some moonshine at the Triple Nickel Distillery on 219. I hope you and the family had a great day.

Pittsburgh Penguins:

Pittsburgh Hockey Now: How long before Owen Pickering is NHL-ready?

FanDuel is offering PHN readers a little baseball bonus. Bet $20, get $200. Here’s the FanDuel promo.

Steelers Now: J.J. Watt almost joined the Steelers?!

Pittsburgh Baseball Now: Liover Peguero has been promoted from Triple-A. More on the Pirates prospect.

David Bednar is headed to the MLB All-Star Game.

NHL Trade Talk, News & National Hockey Now:

Ottawa Sun: Alex DeBrincat wants a boatload of money. According to Darren Dreger and Bruce Garrioch, he wants Timo Meier-type money, and that’s what’s holding up the trade. The NHL trade rumors have been soft around DeBrincat, and that would be why.

Toronto Sun: I post this story to give you the pretext for the trade chatter that’s about to explode in Toronto. I don’t mean a few rumors. I mean deafening, daily, the sky is falling, everyone is leaving, panic-type trade chatter. Mitch Marner and Auston Matthews want massive paydays. Now, contrast that situation with what Sidney Crosby, Evgeni Malkin, and Kris Letang did for the Penguins when they could have been free agents. Big troubles in little Toronto.

Detroit Hockey Now: I know a few of you wanted Kyle Dubas to take a shot with Filip Zdina, but he cleared waivers Tuesday and will remain with the Detroit Red Wings.

TSN: Max Domi called his decision to join the Toronto Maple Leafs a “no-brainer.” He signed a one-year, $3 million deal.

A lot of Penguins fans criticized Dubas for not signing Domi. Yinz know players get to choose where they sign, right? And they choose the best offer, not necessarily the biggest. Many players felt it wise to take one-year deals in good situations to hopefully cash in next summer when the salary cap goes up.

Montreal Hockey Now: The Canadiens will be a dominant force in a few years. I mean, wow-level good. Their top-two defense prospects shined at the Montreal Canadiens development camp.

They will break the Canadian Cup curse, not Toronto.

Vegas Hockey Now: Stanley Cup-check. Free agent goalie and winger locked up? Check. What comes next for the Vegas Golden Knights?

Philly Hockey Now: Travis Sanheim is off the table. Remove his name from the NHL trade rumors, said Philadelphia Flyers GM Daniel Briere.

Washington Hockey Now: Martin Fehervary gets a three-year deal. Washington Capitals news.

Our Jared Serre is doing a GREAT job with the Washington Capitals beat. Really happy to have him. A cool dude, too.

Sportsnet: Three days into the NHL free agent frenzy, who are the winner and losers so far?

RDS: According to Andy Strickland, Tarasenko has a half-dozen offers, from one-year to multi-year deals. He has his pick of teams.