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Dan’s Daily: ‘Hot Mess’ Playoff Race; Crosby Getting Recognition



Pittsburgh Penguins Sidney Crosby ties Wayne Gretzky scoring record. 19 seasons with a point-per-game

TORONTO — The Pittsburgh Penguins are not favored to hang onto a playoff spot, but they got some help Sunday night even as they slid out of a playoff spot. The Washington Capitals faceplanted while the Detroit Red Wings took care of business. TSN did a deep dive into the “hot mess” playoff race, too. Dave Molinari reignited talk of Sidney Crosby getting Hart Trophy recognition. The NHL rumor mill is churning in Toronto, where debate is beginning on John Tavares’s future. In Jeff Marek’s latest column, he indirectly sheds a little light on the Penguins’ trade for Nic Deslauriers, which never happened.

Good grief, the solar eclipse is a huge thing up here. Niagara and Hamilton are in the “Path of Totality” so they will get 100% of the eclipse, while Toronto will get 99.8%. Maybe I’m getting old, but I also saw the eclipse a handful of years ago. They’re cool, but I’m not going to build a pyramid and sacrifice anybody over it.

This has been a wild season to cover the Penguins. Why not an eclipse, too? I’d also like to thank the couple of readers who took the time to send me shortcuts around Toronto construction. After a moment to ponder it, I realized that people cared enough about our work to think about my trip here and made the effort to send an email. I’m incredibly appreciative of all of you and grateful for your support (even if we occasionally get frustrated with each other). I suppose it’s a unique relationship. I’ll keep putting out content every day if you’ll stick around for it!

Pittsburgh Penguins

Pittsburgh Hockey Now: Where would the Penguins be without Sidney Crosby’s incredible season? By the definition of the award, Dave Molinari writes that Crosby should be getting real Hart Trophy love.

The Capitals can’t buy a win, but the Red Wings won just their second in seven games to slip ahead of the Penguins in the wild card race. The latest Penguins playoff scenario.

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TSN Video: Some of you might like Craig Button’s prediction in the Eastern Conference playoff race. He gave the Penguins plenty of credit and knocked the Capitals and Flyers pretty hard.

Detroit Hockey Now: They had just one win in their last six games, but they got the feel-goods by beating the Buffalo Sabres. It was a big step forward for the Detroit Red Wings.

Sportsnet: The “arms race” in the Metro Division. The Penguins are the only team that does not participate by adding a tough guy. Interesting stuff from Jeff Marek.

Philly Hockey Now: From the orange and black perspective, the updated playoff race for the formerly third-place Philadelphia Flyers.

Florida Hockey Now: The Beasts of the East, the answer to Florida Man, and my pick in the Eastern Conference. Over the final four games, there could be some changes, some resting, and some gearing up for the Florida Panthers.

Boston Hockey Now: They dominated last season and went home after Round One. There’s unfinished business; it’s the Stanley Cup or bust for the Boston Bruins.

That Atlantic Division playoff battle is going to be something, eh? Any one of the four teams could win the East, but two will lose in the first round.

Spector’s Hockey: A little love for Lyle today, too. He digs up some good NHL trade rumor pieces. Today, he’s got two, including The Athletic’s look at what to do with John Tavares and the one year remaining on his hefty contract.