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Dan’s Daily Links: Ryan Reaves Goes Too Far, Sabres Real?

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We’ll start with the happy topics today. The Buffalo Sabres are a well put together bunch courtesy of former Penguins GM Jason Botterill and they are stacking wins. Phil Kessel spoke to the media last night and laughed about Sidney Crosby’s goal. Capitals good Tom Wilson is out with a concussion and Ryan Reaves has gone too far…

The Sabres have been so bad for a few years that it seemed impossible they could be taken seriously. Well, Conor Sheary and the boys, are doing pretty pretty pretty good. Sam Reinhart’s inclusion on the top line–grab him where available in fantasy leagues–has helped. They’ve lost four straight after winning 10 in a row–but they’re finally playoff contenders in the stacked Atlantic. (WGR Buffalo).

And here is a case of numbers not understanding a team which wins. Every year there are a few confounding teams–too many Sabres number (Sportsnet)

Ok, I didn’t offer an opinion on Ryan Reaves blindside of Tom Wilson. Because I honestly didn’t know how I felt about it. It was frontier justice in its ugliest form. In part, earned retribution. In part, earned penance. When he was here, Ryan was one of my favorite players to have a chat. But…Ryan has gone too far with this one–signing photos of the hit: (RMB)

Great job NHL Player Safety. Had you suspended Wilson for the cheap shot on Brett Seney, you wouldn’t have Reaves doing this or Wilson in the concussion protocol.

Phil Kessel is a fun media chat. Watch him describe Sidney Crosby’s goal last night–which Phil set up with a strong zone entry and pass (Pittsburgh Sports Live).

The New York Islander franchise has been woebegone for decades. Former owner Charles Wang admitted he regretted buying them. And he was the good owner. Not one of the few who did jail time or barely skirted the slammer. There is a new book out about the weird change away from the awesome blue and orange Islanders logo in the late 1990s and it’s everything you’d expect it to be (New York Post)

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3 years ago

Sorry, when a dude intentionally injures someone in a freaking preseason game and sits back and laughs at a rookie whose jaw he just broke with a cheap shot, he gets no quarter. Nor do the “fans,” organization, or league who support, condone, and even endorse his sort cheap shot play. Again, had he just manned up and fought Reaves, this wouldn’t happen. But, he’s a blindside cheap shot artist and karma is finally catching up with him and his enablers.

3 years ago

“justice in it’s ugliest form”? “ugliest”? That hit doesn’t even come close to Wilson’s “truly ugly” hits on unsuspecting players on a nightly basis. Reaves hasn’t gone too far and he didn’t give Wilson a concussion – just a shoulder-to-shoulder clean hit. Wilson needs to figure out how to snap his helmet on so it doesn’t fly off before he hits the ice, so if he is concussed it’s his own doings! Maybe he can think of all the concussions, etc, etc, he has doled out while he recupes!!!

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