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Dan’s Daily: The Erik Karlsson, Kyle Dubas Trade Analysis/Reactions



Pittsburgh Penguins Trade, Erik KArlsson, Kyle Dubas

The Pittsburgh Penguins trade for Erik Karlsson is complete. Penguins fans nearly lined 5th Ave. with rose petals for president of hockey operations/GM Kyle Dubas, who pulled off the deal by trading (almost) all of the players the Penguins fans wanted to trade, and no others. And because the deal involved two other National Hockey Now cities, we have plenty of analysis and background from different perspectives, as well as the national takes.

Oh, and the AP broke the story later Sunday evening: Matt Dumba will sign in Arizona on a discount deal. One year, $3.9 million.

If I were just a blogger, or PHN was just for fun, the trade headline might have been Holy Sh*t! I drew the ire of Sharks fans a few weeks ago when I wrote that San Jose would buckle, but I didn’t think they’d just surrender.

If that was the final offer, how low was the offer on July 1?

My texts and DMs filled quickly. People went nuts, and there wasn’t a bad word to say about the Penguins trade. So, here we go:

Pittsburgh Penguins Trade:

Pittsburgh Hockey Now: All the details, money, and players changing sides. The official Erik Karlsson trade story.

From Dave Molinari: Penguins trade analysis: Kyle Dubas got his man at a discount.

From me: Penguins WIN Karlsson trade, but can’t stop here.

No, Dubas does have a bit of work to do on the Penguins’ third pairing.

From San Jose Hockey Now:

It was the best of trades. It was the worst of trades. It was the (summer) of hope. It was the winter of despair. The Karlsson trade was a tale of two trades for the San Jose Sharks.

Sheng Peng may have been first on the deal. The reports came fast and furious. Sheng also launched a podcast — and he dove into this trade head first: The Sharks trade grade podcast.

From Montreal Hockey Now:

Montreal Hockey Now: Hello again, Jeff Petry. The Montreal Canadiens made it happen.

From the Montreal side, the snap analysis on the Canadiens trade.

And — get this — Marc Dumont already smells another trade coming. Is Jeff Petry again on the NHL trade block?

National Reaction:

Unfortunately, all of the TSN video is protected from the American audience, and TSN has moved sharply away from written content.

ESPN+: The trade grades from Greg Wyshynski.

Sportsnet: How the Canadiens can maximize Jeff Petry.

Spector’s Hockey: Since our old buddy Lyle Richardson often links to our stories and trade analysis, here’s a return favor. Here’s his take on the Penguins trade. The trade accelerates the Sharks’ rebuild.

And here was my favorite reply on the trade:


No, I don’t think Dubas is done.