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Dan’s Daily: Jarry Speaks, Islanders Add More Fans, TNT Hiring Gretzky



Pittsburgh Penguins, Jeff Carter, Tristan Jarry

On Tuesday, the Pittsburgh Penguins still felt the sting of their dominating performance, which ended with a double OT loss on Monday night. Penguins goalie Tristan Jarry, whose ghastly turnover and scramble provided the New York Islanders the game-winning goal, faced the media on Tuesday.

Also in the Daily–Alex Ovechkin contract talks with the Washington Capitals, TJ Oshie does not want to go to Seattle, and Calgary could go nuclear and put stars on the NHL trade market.

Pittsburgh Hockey Now: Tristan Jarry deadpanned, “leave it” when asked what he would do differently after his turnover ended Game 5. 

I found Jarry’s deadpan answers kind of funny. I don’t know if you’ll share the same view.

There’s lots of blame being hurled at different Pittsburgh Penguins. If we’re going to play the blame game, let’s do it right. Here are the real reasons the Penguins face elimination in Game 6. 

Wow, when the Penguins lose a game, some people are like toddlers with a bazooka. It’s all (Insert player I’ve invested emotional energy to criticize)’s fault! Did you see that one play? He’s terrible! Trade him/bench him/cut him!

More “good” news for the Penguins:

NYI Hockey Now: The noise level in the Nassau Coliseum will be even louder for Game 6. The New York Islanders are expanding the number of fans in the building. 

NHL & National Hockey Now:

Vegas: The Golden Knights failed to close out Minnesota in five, but Marc-Andre Fleury is making a strong case for himself. 

Florida: Th Florida Panthers stayed alive and forced Game 6 against the Tampa Bay Lightning. They did it with a rookie in net and a $10 million third-string goalie relegated to watching. Yep, it’s Spencer Knight’s time in FLA. 

A team perpetually losing and in the red giving Bobrovsky $10 million remains the craziest contract I’ve ever seen. Knight could change that series.

Sportsnet: Alex Ovechkin is a UFA. It doesn’t sound like there is too much drama…yet. 

RMNB: TJ Oshie wants no part of the Seattle Kraken or leaving DC. 

TSN: The Calgary Flames are facing a crunch with Johnny Gaudreau. If they don’t get a new deal done by the start of free agency on July 28, Gaudreau will be a lame duck, and Calgary won’t know how much they can spend. It’s time to get him signed or blow it up—high stakes in Calgary. 

Colorado: Do you have kids who want to play college hockey? Here are 10 tips to get there. 

Boston: Cam Neely hopes, thinks, hopes that Tuukka Rask and David Krejci want to remain with the Bruins beyond this season. 

San Jose: You fondly remember the Pittsburgh Penguins 2016 run to the Stanley Cup. Here’s the other side of that story–the San Jose Sharks run to the Cup Final.

ESPN: And TNT has hired an analyst with a big name. The biggest name, actually. Wayne Gretzky has resigned his post with the Edmonton Oilers and sources say he’s headed to TV. 

I’ll reserve judgment until I see him on TV, but this sounds like buying a big name in hopes of attracting viewers. TNT will learn–hockey fans aren’t so easily suckered.

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Mark Fisher
Mark Fisher
1 year ago

However this turns out, a defeat tonight or Friday, or a run to the Cup, this is the end of the road for this team as structured. The off season is going to be mighty interesting. Big changes are looming.

Chase Ranson
Chase Ranson
1 year ago

The former GM wanted big changes and guess what happened I think Sullivan may have to buy in to the changes which he may not they have 5 players who need to be moved since they are grossly overpaid hopefully they can sign some free agents that are more productive and younger

Steven Kalabokes
Steven Kalabokes
1 year ago

The Islanders are really not that good. They have been outclassed by the Penguins in virtually every game of this series. Goaltending has been an issue. Except for the two wins and the 4-1 loss, the goaltending has not been up to par. Yes, I thought Jarry played well in the 4-1 loss. Letang shoved an Islanders player into Jarry for the Islanders first goal and the Penguins literally scored the next two goals for the Islanders. The only bad goal given up by Jarry in that game was the 4th goal. Take the other three goals away and it’s… Read more »