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Support Local Businesses During Coronavirus Shutdown!



Thanks to the travel and congregation restrictions being imposed in response to the coronavirus pandemic, lots of our friends in the restaurant and retail sectors are going to be hurting for business.

At the Sports Now family, we’d like to help any way we can.

We’re offering a free day of social media advertising across our family of platforms. It’s simple, send us your logo and for one day, we’ll advertise it alongside all of our content just like we would do for our paid sponsors.

We’re not asking for anything in return, just hoping to help some of Pittsburgh’s hardest-working people in this tough time.

How it works: any local business that has had its in-person operation shut down, but is still open through delivery, takeout or e-tailing, send us an e-mail to along with your logo or graphic. For one day, that graphic will run alongside all of our social media posts across our family of sites as the honorary sponsor of the day.

Today’s awesome restaurant: SoHo, on the North Shore. Fantastic risotto. Get lunch or dinner today. See the picture above for phone number and info.

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