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WATCH: Guentzel, Penguins Trade Analysis



The Pittsburgh Penguins made their move. On the eve of the NHL trade deadline, Penguins president of hockey operations/GM Kyle Dubas traded Jake Guentzel to the Carolina Hurricanes for five assets, including NHL winger Michael Bunting.

However, the analysis gets rough. Pittsburgh Hockey Now’s Dan Kingerski details the Penguins’ haul for Guentzel, including the three prospects including their strengths and flaws. There is one fun aspect to the trade: The Penguins received the Philadelphia Flyers’ second-round pick. While the Penguins must root for the Carolina Hurricanes to make it to the Stanley Cup Final, so the pick upgrades to the Hurricanes’ first-rounder, the Penguins must also root for the Flyers to lose so the second-round pick increases in value.

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Dan didn’t use sugar, levying sharp criticism of the Penguins organization for failing to support the amazing season that captain Sidney Crosby has submitted and for failing to get a top prospect in the deal.

Kingerski also detailed the greater loss for the Penguins, which goes well beyond the trade.

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