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Aston-Reese Sparks Penguins, Malkin: ‘I Was Like Wow, That Was Crazy’



Zach Aston-Reese Locker Room Screen Capture -- All Rights Reserved, Video and Capture

The Pittsburgh Penguins coaches have been trying to find line combinations which worked. They have tried Dominik Simon in the top-six, and with all centers. They have been pushing newly acquired Nick Bjugstad as a power forward right winger.

And Sunday, they turned to the junior power forward on the team to drive more possession and hopefully offense: Zach Aston-Reese.

Aston-Reese has been posting dominant puck numbers since he returned from a broken hand, last week. His Corsi against the Calgary Flames hovered around 60 percent (which means when he was on the ice the Penguins had 60 percent of the shot attempts). He created turnovers and set up linemates for glorious scoring chances.

Sunday, the Penguins turned to “Plan B,” or if we’re being cute, Plan Z in their 6-5 win over the New York Rangers.

“We just didn’t think (Malkin)’s line was getting consistent zone time, so we had talked about a potential ‘Plan B’ if we didn’t see any development of that line, then maybe we would try (Bjugstad) at the third line center role,” Sullivan said.

First player to get the chance with Malkin was not Simon who was a healthy scratch Saturday, but Aston-Reese.

“We think Zach is playing extremely well. He’s getting better and better with each game played,” Sullivan said. And he’s right.

Aston-Reese plowed forward on the Penguins second line which created space for Malkin to score one goal from the side of the net. How does a player as prominent as Malkin get open on the doorstep? When defenders are needed to stop Aston-Reese charging low.

Midway through the third period, Aston-Reese again initiated the bullrush low. This time, Evgeni Malkin put on a show for everyone including Aston-Reese. Malkin took Aston-Reese’s pass with his back to the net and shielding the puck from the defender. With a quick move, Malkin spun around the defender and whistled a backhander over New York Rangers goalie Alexandar Georgiev.

“I’m pretty pumped. When the play the top 100 goals of the season, I’ll be in the highlight reel,” Aston-Reese laughed.

Aston-Reese also explained how he knew to pass it to Malkin. Let’s just say Malkin doesn’t leave much room for interpretation.

“He can be loud when he wants the puck, which is a good thing,” deadpanned the new Malkin sidecar. “I heard him coming down late and just put it in the spot for him. You guys saw the finish. He took care of the rest.”

Malkin did.

Suddenly months of Malkin’s frustration, injuries and suspension seem a memory, even if it was only days ago. Malkin looked like the star the Penguins need not only to make a Stanley Cup run but just to make the playoffs.

And the Penguins may have hit paydirt with a line shuffle, too.




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3 years ago

Dan, you strike me as knowledgeable. You don’t reakkky believe ZAR is a legit top six forward and fit for Malkin. I get that there is no one else on the roster but let’s not confuse the two.

3 years ago
Reply to  Dan Kingerski

I watch too much hockey. I remember watching HQ with Nashville and thinking “this guy is underrated.” His willingness to just bowl into the net area seemed to draw people to him, opening opportunities for others and giving him more scoring chances than his raw skills would otherwise. I kind of feel the same thing about ZAR. Not sure if he’s 2nd line material, but it might be worth a shot for a while to see if it clicks.

Matt Luda
Matt Luda
3 years ago

Sullivan coached his ass off today.

The move of ZAR to the second line showed great instincts. His physical presence and two-way game are ideal compliments for two one-trick ponies who don’t give a rat’s ass about defense. Hope the line stays together for a while.

And the decision to remove Cullen on a face-off was brilliant. Crosby won the draw and it led to a goal on what appeared to be a set play.

There’s no doubt in my mind that Sully is second only to Bowman as the GIFH (i.e., Greatest In Franchise History.)

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