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Scruffy Tanev Hits the Kitchen, Thinks Pause will Fuel the Penguins



Pittsburgh Penguins Brandon Tanev

Roller Blades haven’t been this popular since Bill Clinton was the President, and mullets were a choice, not an amusing consequence of a worldwide quarantine. Pittsburgh Penguins winger Brandon Tanev hasn’t yet completed his first season with the Penguins after signing a six-year, $21.5 million deal last July 1, but the player they call “Turbo” has made an impact.

Tanev, who is perhaps the fastest Penguins player on the ice, has been rollerblading as much as possible to mimic his skating stride and try to keep those specific muscles tuned.

Late Wednesday afternoon, Tanev held court via video chat with select outlets. He has dominated his kitchen with Gordan Ramsey classes and explained why he thinks the NHL coronavirus pause will add excitement and added purpose to the Penguins locker room as the team chases its sixth Stanley Cup.

3 Highlights From the Chat

Brandon Tanev in the kitchen:

“I’m trying to eat as healthy as I can. I’ve been cooking a ton of food, whether that’s chicken steak and salmon. I like to go online and read and challenge myself. 

Gordon Ramsay has a master class out there. And I’m trying to be doing some things that he’s put out there and might be out of my range. But I mean, you live, and you learn. And if you don’t experience things and try them, maybe you’re not going to be able to like those things and be better at them.

I’ve been baking muffins, banana bread, some cookies. You know, it’s nice to kind of put some music on and go into the kitchen.”

The pause and NHL return will fuel the Penguins fire:

“Once we’re able to be back and be in the environment of the locker room with all the guys and be playing the game that we love so much, I think there’s going to be an added enthusiasm and love for what we’ve missed over the past couple of months. And I think that is going to drive us a little more. I mean, obviously, it’s going to be tough and a little difficult at times.


Stepping back on the ice and having those expectations. But I think working through that adversity is going to make you better through all this. And I’m sure everyone is really excited and itching to get back on the ice.”

Brandon Tanev On his first year in Pittsburgh:

“You know, it’s such a first-class organization. The guys in the locker room are great; the coaching staff, everybody in the organization does such a great job. And I think that made things so much easier for me coming as a new player when you’re able to come in and it almost feels like you’ve been here for years.

So you’re extremely comfortable and comfortable in your situation. And all the city of Pittsburgh has been great. And, you know, I love everything about it.”

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