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Dan’s Daily Links: Canadiens Qs vs. Penguins, It’s Vegas!



NHL trade, Pittsburgh Penguins vs. Montreal Canadiens, GM Marc Bergevin

We know at least one hub city for the NHL return. Sportsnet has done a nice job covering the upcoming Qualifying Round between the Pittsburgh Penguins and Montreal Canadiens from the Montreal perspective. There are some questions about Montreal. An asymptomatic Boston Bruins player tested positive for COVID-19 and the Hockey Hall of Fame announced its plans to release the 2020 class.

A little fist bump to PHN for being ahead of the national reports. The little twist on the hub city search is indeed the NHL pushing the Canadian government to relax its quarantine rules. Here’s the inside scoop (Pittsburgh Hockey Now)

For our PHN+ subscribers, a look at why the Penguins benefitted the most from NHL coronavirus pause, and why they could be a dangerous team (PHN+)

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It’s Vegas, baby! The Vegas Review-Journal firmed up whispers and confirmed the western NHL hub city is…Viva Las Vegas (LVRJ)

Vegas and Toronto. Not bad. I have my doubts about the Canadian government relaxing their quarantine rules, however. You know governments, politics, and the lightning speed of changing rules. It’s going to take a groundswell of demand for PM Justin Trudeau to change the rules without political backlash.

There are some unanswered questions about the Montreal Canadiens against the Pittsburgh Penguins (Sportsnet)

A Boston Bruins player tested positive for COVID-19. The player was asymptomatic, and there is currently a debate in the scientific community about the ability of asymptomatic patients to spread the virus. The player also tested negative on two subsequent tests (Boston Hockey Now)

To reiterate previous statements, a player testing positive is not the end of the process. First, statistically, the danger for young, healthy adults to suffer severe results is extremely low. Second, that’s why the tests and quarantine rules are in place.

Our boys in Boston have REALLY stepped up their game in the last two months. They’re starting to find their stride. Check out all of the content over there.

Kudos to the Ottawa Sun for making a big, bold first-page retraction. The paper roughed up Ottawa Senators owner Eugene Melnyk for charging the Sens charity a high rent, and for his charity not donating enough proceeds to the actual charity. The paper retracted those claims on the front page, yesterday (TSN)

It’s going to be a gorgeous Saturday. Enjoy it, folks. Social distance but don’t hide under the bed. And if you see an old BMW motorcycle sputtering along, give me a wave…

And finally…