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‘I Know I’m a Good Guy,’ Malkin Likely a Victim in Cryptocurrency Scheme



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Evgeni Malkin may be out $4 million because of a bad investment made in long-time friends according to an in-depth Russian media report, from Sports.Ru, For Malkin could also be very bad news beyond the monetary losses incurred from a failed investment. There could also be substantial tax implications, or even criminal charges if Malkin were involved beyond just being a failed investor.

It should be firmly noted the report comes from Russia, which is not the bastion of a free and reputable press corps, and PHN cannot independently verify the details of the story.

“No, the internet–it’s garbage,” is Malkin quickly interjected when PHN mentioned the report, which also revealed he now has American citizenship. “I don’t like the internet.”

Russian-American journalist Slava Malamud translated the original Russian report and offered a synopsis that painted Malkin as a likely victim of those close to him who ran a fraudulent cryptocurrency scheme named Mark.Space. Malkin was the celebrity investor, which in turn allowed the company to raise over $10 million for its stated goal to revolutionize the cryptocurrency world.

Instead, the company leaders, including Malkin’s long-time friend from their youth hockey days, that friend’s friend, and that friend’s wife blew through the money very quickly. The company had a successful ICO (initial coin offering) but then stopped paying developers and a Japanese affiliate.

Malamud noted the company also might have also broken U.S. laws by selling coins to unaccredited American investors. The Mark.Space marketing director claimed nearly $1.5 million was returned to investors in the form of cryptocurrency.

Malkin addressed the story Monday when PHN’s Shelly Anderson asked about part of the report, which stated he became a U.S. citizen. It should also be noted, at the time of Anderson’s question, the full details of the report were unknown to reporters.

“Right now, it’s garbage for me. I know I’m a good guy. I don’t know what to say about that, because it’s a little bit crazy (Monday) for me, but I know it’s nothing bad.”

The story has also triggered a larger political story in Russia. Malkin is part of Alex Ovechkin’s “Team Putin” political circle, which publicly offers support for the Russian leader, but Malkin’s recent U.S. citizenship is not viewed positively in Russia.

“My child, he has an American passport. It’s my second home. I’ve been here 15 years,” Malkin replied to PHN’s Shelly Anderson Monday. “He’ll go to school. My wife is here. I don’t like that the U.S. (doesn’t recognize dual citizenship) and we have rules in Russia that you can have two passports. It’s nothing bad (in Russia).”

Here is the full synopsis of the Russian from Malamud: Read it here.

Evgeni Malkin has not played since the second game of the season due to a lower-body injury. He also told reporters that he hopes to return on Saturday.

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Anon Amos X
Anon Amos X
2 years ago

Seriously, with what we are witnessing with the complete corruption of the ROTTEN U.S. media…?

“Sources close to the matter stated the pot accused the kettle of……”

“It should be firmly noted the report comes from Russia, which is not the bastion of a free and reputable press corps, and PHN cannot independently verify the details of the story.”

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