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Dan’s Daily: Blackhawks Misspell FLEURY, PHN’s Origin Story



Pittsburgh Penguins, Marc-Andre Fleury, Blackhawks

If you trade for a future Hall of Famer, learn to spell his name, especially on a jersey. New Chicago Blackhawks goalie Marc-Andre Fleury sold his Las Vegas home for a pretty penny, and he was included in a Blackhawks promotional photo of the locker room jerseys. Unfortunately, his new jersey…misspelled his name. Another Hall of Fame broadcaster will hang up the mic after this season, and we took a hard look at Pittsburgh Penguins defenseman Kris Letang and his possible new contract.

I also told a long story on Twitter. Since Only 20% of our audience comes from the bluebird of misery, I’ll post it here, too. Always keep working. For some, success comes easy. I’m not one of those people.

The story continued at the bottom…

Pittsburgh Hockey Now: What is Kris Letang worth? Will he want to recoup value from his long team-friendly deal? PHN did the full analysis with comparables, the Pittsburgh Penguins salary cap, and market forces–How much is Kris Letang worth on his next contract?

Also–for PHN readers, FanDuel is offering a few promo bets on the Manny Pacquiao fight.

AND–John Perrotto provided some insights and betting tips for the Steelers game tonight. 

NHL News & National Hockey Now

Vegas Review-Journal: Guess that is goodbye. Marc-Andre Fleury sold his Vegas suburban home for a tidy little $8 million sum. 

CBS Vegas: Seriously, learn to spell your new goalie’s name correctly. F-l-E-u-r-y. NOT F-l-U-e-r-y. Sure it happens on Twitter with a quick tweet or may even happen in private, but the Chicago Blackhawks didn’t realize the mistake and displayed his incorrect jersey in a promo photo. Ouch. 

Off to a hell of a start in Chicago…

Sportsnet: The Calgary Flames signed big d-man Nikita Zadarov to a one-year extension for a moderate $3.5 million salary. 

Boston: Tuukka Rask shows up on some “top unsigned free agents” lists, but the Boston Bruins goalie really isn’t a free agent. The Bruins expect him back this season…eventually. 

NYI: Gary Bettman says Islanders fans “are going to love” the UBS Arena. 

I don’t know. You can’t replace character and history and the acoustics of those old barns. For all of the cramped quarters and lack of space in the old Pittsburgh Civic Arena, watching a game at that place was superior to PPG. I don’t know if any new arena is quite as fun as the old one.

Maybe teams should start building slightly cramped shoebox arenas that are a little less comfortable but put you on top of the action? Those places seemed to have much better fan involvement, eh? But arriving late, carrying on a conversation for two hours, and leaving early is cool, too.

Washington: Goodbye, Henrik Lundqvist. THE most well-dressed man in the NHL and a brilliant goalie. 

WGRZ: Rick Jeanneret will hang up his mic in Buffalo following this season. Another colorful, fun announcer will say goodbye.

Of course, since Lundqvist was a primary Pittsburgh Penguins rival, tormentor, and great player, he gets a little ribbing on the way out…

Henrik Lundqvist Freaks Out and Flips Net Over - Rangers vs Penguins (03/03/16)

Detroit: Remember former first-round pick Evgeny Svechnikov? He just signed an AHL deal with the Winnipeg Jets.

Which SEVEN Red Wings could go to the Olympics?

Colorado: And Peter Budaj is back with the Colorado Avalanche. The former Avs goalie is now a coach…

And, as promised, the story of the mixer, the young radio guy, and determination. No, it’s not a Lifetime movie because I didn’t give it all up for the girl or a Christmas tree. And the dialogue was much better.

As PHN prepares to move into its new downtown office and I prepare to move back to the better part of the North Side (THANK YOU!), I find myself throwing away some sentimental broadcast equipment. I already ditched the expensive Sennheiser headsets I used as Team USA play-by-play in 2005 and the Johnstown Chiefs in 2006. But Friday, I pitched the piece of equipment that started it all. Ignore the typo in the final tweet…

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Doug Ukish
Doug Ukish
1 year ago

Congratulations and well deserved.
Best wishes going forward!

Katherine Verbeke
Katherine Verbeke
1 year ago

brilliant! I always told my High School students, hard work and perseverance pays off!

1 year ago

Great story on your career journey (to date)!

1 year ago

To these ears Rick Jeanneret‘s voice was the sound of hockey.