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Move NHL Playoffs to Summer, Permanently? | Matt’s Net Front Presence



Pittsburgh Penguins NHL playoffs

Former PHN partner and beat writer covering the Pittsburgh Penguins, Matt Gajtka, has been adding quality content to our YouTube channel, Pittsburgh Sports Live, for a couple of months. Matt used this summer’s eventual Stanley Cup Final as a reason to take off his shirt, and also the NHL playoffs should be a summer event, every year.

Consider this arrangement born of the COVID-19 pandemic and NHL Return to Play Plan…permanently. The NHL playoffs and¬†Stanley Cup Final every August?

The league has not officially named Las Vegas as one of the NHL hub cities, but it is generally accepted after multiple reports. However, there are new rumors that Las Vegas will host the Eastern Conference teams. The other hub city, perhaps Pittsburgh but the league is pushing for Toronto, will host the Western Conference.

Such a gambit would avoid the fall NHL schedule, which collides with football in the U.S., and it would give the NHL schedule a clear path in which it would only compete against the NFL preseason and the dog days of baseball.

Also, in the future, teams will be able to play in their home rinks with fans. Doesn’t that sound great?

It’s a crazy idea. Just crazy enough to work? What do you think of Matt’s suggestion about the NHL playoffs? Sound off in the comments section.

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Howard Wyer
Howard Wyer
2 years ago

Sorry but I kinda like the way they do it now… I would hate to see the ice in Florida in July… just my opinion