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Dan’s Daily: Malkin Struggles, Fleury Brilliant, & ‘The Code’ in Hockey



NHL trade, Pittsburgh Penguins, Marc-Andre Fleury

You can admit it because I thought it, too. The Pittsburgh Penguins seemed to solve the New York Islanders in Games 2 and 3, and despite the over-the-top physicality and adversity, the Penguins still managed to win Game 3 for a series lead. It would be just a matter of time before breaking the New York Islanders, right? Oops. Also, in the Daily, Marc-Andre Fleury was again brilliant in his 16th career playoff shutout. Patric Hornqvist and the Florida Panthers lost but got rough with Tampa Bay, and the Boston Bruins could put the Washington Capitals season to bed.

It was tough sledding for the Penguins on Saturday afternoon, but they compounded their uphill battle with a lack of urgency, bad penalties, and a lack of shots between the dots. Evgeni Malkin not only took three penalties, but he had zero shots.

Pittsburgh Hockey Now: Malkin faced the media after the bad game and took responsibility.

PHN+: We broke down what went wrong for the Penguins in Game 4. Kris Letang had a rough go but was one of several players and several factors in the Penguins’ loss. 

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From the NYI Side–if you dare:

The Islanders Dominating effort in Game 4 was too much for the Pittsburgh Penguins.

NHL & National Hockey Now:

Vegas: Marc-Andre Fleury got a little help from Toronto, and Minnesota’s lone “goal” was overturned. He was otherwise brilliant in his Game 4 shutout win.

Fleury’s 16th career playoff shutout tied him with Curtis Joseph (CuJo!) for third all-time behind two guys named Patrick Roy and Martin Brodeur.

Montreal Gazette: One of my favorite stories of the week–After Corey Perry had to fight following John Tavares’ scary injury, Stu Cowan of the Montreal Gazette just took hockey’s “Code” about fighting to the woodshed. 

Sportsnet: Tampa Bay beat Florida 6-2, so Florida gooned it up midway through the second period, including Patric Hornqvist, who got a good clean-ish hit on Mikhail Sergachev. Other Panthers weren’t so clean. Tampa Bay coach Jon Cooper lit into officials for the nonsense. 

Boston: The Bruins have a chance to end the suddenly dysfunctional Washington Capitals season. “Mindset” is what it takes. 

Philly: Speaking of “The Code,” the Philadelphia Flyers Sam Morin wants to be the Flyers enforcer and one of the league’s tough guys.

Colorado: Momma Newhook was over the moon after her son, Alex Newhook, scored his first NHL goal. Here’s a cool human story, and exclusive, from Colorado. 

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1 year ago

It seems to me that Malkin has way too many interviews where he “takes responsibility” for bad penalties . . .or sub-standard play . . . etc. Even worse they seem to be coming closer and closer together. I am not one of the “attack fans” that dislikes Malkin for any and all things. I realize what his history was and his abilities still are. But he has historically demonstrated behavior and play that has gone from a small and occasional part of his game to nearly balancing his positive aspects. Speaking for myself when someone has a great upside… Read more »

1 year ago
Reply to  Frank

They’re stuck with him for another year. Same with 58. Once were a great players are now marginal at best and hurting this team.Just look at your record this year with 71 in the game. Undisciplined and not coachable. Play the BLACK ACES.

Peter Hoffman
Peter Hoffman
1 year ago

Bye bye caps. You and your goon can just go away.


1 year ago

They should have benched Geno and benched Letang. The whole team was terrible. When they play well, they are brilliant but when they have a bad game it is abysmal. I’ve always liked Geno, but the last couple years have been bad for him and he seems to find it difficult to get into the play and to do it smartly. I am ashamed of the whole team including the coaching staff. We don’t need any more interviews with the same old excuses and explanations of what needs to be done. I just watched the game, I can see what… Read more »

Peter Hoffman
Peter Hoffman
1 year ago
Reply to  Cheryl

Yep. Loved 71. Great HOF player in his day. But he is done. We should trade him or cut him in the offseason. He is a turnover and penalty machine.

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