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Dan’s Daily: Players Want Out of Calgary, Penguins UFA Options



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The last person left in Calgary can turn out the lights. The Calgary Flames are undergoing a mass exodus, and they may undergo a player-forced rebuild with a few players on the NHL trade block. The Pittsburgh Penguins may or may not need to replace Jason Zucker, but the choices are not aplenty. The NHL is doing away with pregame jerseys honoring different causes, including Pride nights. Salt Lake City thinks an NHL team would thrive there, and it sounds like Jordan Staal is at a contract impasse with the Carolina Hurricanes.

Penguins president of hockey operations and interim GM Kyle Dubas is speaking today at 1 p.m. I’m not sure yet why, but an out-of-the-blue presser a week before the draft seems like it will have a purpose. As of writing, your guess is as good as mine.

Pittsburgh Penguins / Steelers, Pirates:

Pittsburgh Hockey Now: We’re about 90 days away from preseason — here’s the Penguins’ preseason schedule.

Free agency is a week away. Without a contract, Jason Zucker looks like he’s headed to free agency (unless it’s a surprise announcement Friday). So, here are the options to replace him — they’re good, but not many. Penguins free agent targets.

Steelers Now:

Could the Steelers trade a CB?

The coroner is investigating the death of former Steelers LB Clark Haggans.

It’s been a weird path to the NFL, from QB, to quitting, to offensive line … Dylan Cook is the feature in Steelers 90.

Pittsburgh Baseball Now:

2 bad and one good…

First, Bryan Reynolds goes on IL.

Seconds, the Pirates were set to break their losing streak, then imploded in the eight. Get the quickie Pirates recap.

Now, the good. Henry David hit his first homer.

NHL Trade Talk, News & National Hockey Now:

Sportsnet: Multiple reporters combined to create a massive story. The Flames are being extinguished from within. Several more top players have indicated they won’t sign extensions. The last person out of the Calgary Flames, please turn off the lights.

TSN: Darren Dreger dropped more on the Flames but also reported the Carolina Hurricanes and Jordan Staal are far apart on a new contract.

Washington Hockey Now: Hmm, it looks like a Qatar-backed company is buying into the Washington Capitals.

Philly Hockey Now: Dump Kevin Hayes? GM Daniel Briere said not so fast. Don’t presume a Flyers trade.

In reality, the contract is essentially unmovable. So, make lemonade, eh?

More Philly news — they expect to meet with the myth of Matvei Michkov at the Draft.

Florida Hockey Now: Mistake or not? GM Bill Zito wants to keep the Florida Panthers together.

Boston Hockey Now: Will David Krejci stick around? It sounds like that’s a no. One-and-done return with the Boston Bruins.

And lastly,

Did the Vegas Golden Knights circumvent the salary cap?