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Jarry, Letang and GM Search; Kingerski on 93-7 the Fan



pittsburgh penguins dan kingerski 93-7 the fan

Paul Zeise of 93-7 the Fan doesn’t think Tristan Jarry is a starting goalie. Paul quizzed PHN Editor-in-Chief Dan Kingerski on Monday night about the current state of the Pittsburgh Penguins, including the GM search and Kris Letang.

“The most obvious comparison is Matt Murray. We knew Murray has holes in his game and wondered if he could fix them before shooters got to him,” Kingerski told the Fan host. “…With Jarry, I don’t see those holes. What I see with Jarry (are) different mistakes … It’s not structural. It’s a matter of getting his game, and getting his confidence.”

“He’s got to take a deep breath and go for it. Get on top of that crease. Challenge shooters more. Those are things he was doing (last year).”

Jarry is 2-4-1 with a 3.95 GAA and a substandard .857 save percentage.

Dan and Paul jousted a little over Jarry, before Kingerski updated the Penguins injury situation, and discussed the Pittsburgh Penguins GM search, including the current favorite for the job.