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Dan’s Daily: Penguins Good News; Teams Trying New Ideas



Pittsburgh Penguins, Sidney Crosby, Jake Guentzel

The Pittsburgh Penguins got a welcome new addition to their practice Tuesday when top LW Jake Guentzel joined the fray as a full participant. He might be a month ahead of schedule. Elsewhere, some teams are experimenting with big changes, including a new idea from Rick Tocchet in Vancouver and an older, more fun idea in Calgary. There are also retirements, NHL trade talks in Boston, and a big-time AHL scorer is making a case to stick with the Washington Capitals.

The first day back from a trip is always a bit weird. Friends refer to my work and sleep habits as “Fox Mulder’ing it,” but sometimes you forget where your own light switches are or what you left in the ‘fridge.

I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed Halifax, but I did look at the rent prices. My gawd! Canada also has a real problem with inflation and the cost of living. I’ve always found the disconnect between Canadians and their government fascinating, if not enjoyable. Government wasn’t an important part of most people’s lives, and they treated it as such. However, Halifax has a comparatively low average income and some of the highest rents. The current government is also redefining free speech. Based on the TV commercials, Op-Eds, and some conversations in Halifax, folks are getting a little irritable about such things, but in true Canadian fashion, no one raised a voice or expressed anger.

To the hockey…

Pittsburgh Penguins

Pittsburgh Hockey Now: Was P.O Joseph injured when he tried to check his brother Monday night? He’s out for a bit, but so much for that Nov. 1 reevaluation, eh? Jake Guentzel was a full-go at Penguins practice.

The Penguins made several recalls for the game against Detroit tonight, including Rem Pitlick.

The photo that Dave Molinari captured is worth the click. Jansen Harkins is a new name in the fight for the Penguins roster.

Steelers Now:

Video breakdown from Derrick Bell — Putting evidence to what you feel — Yes, the Steelers offense stinks.

The new CB on the roster is already listed among the Steelers starters.

*Sigh. Mike Tomlin has put his finger on the Steelers’ struggles. Yep, practice intensity! Yeah, that sounds like more Tomlin nonsense to feed “the media,” but here is what the coach said in many, many words at the Steelers press conference.

That should alleviate the angst of Steelers fans. The Steelers will have better practices this week! A pretty good team and a coaching staff that “does not meet the standard.”

Pittsburgh Baseball Now:

The Fall League is beginning, and some bright spots exist for the Pittsburgh Pirates prospects.

**Read this one: John Perrotto wrote a great piece about what we can all learn from Tim Wakefield.

NHL Trade Talk, News & National Hockey Now:

Boston Hockey Now: Matt Grzelcyk. His name isn’t front and center in the NHL trade rumors, but some teams are poking around, according to scouts. Here is the latest on the Bruins trade chatter.

TSN: Marc Savard has been tasked with bringing offense back to Calgary. He has some old-school ideas, like, hey, occasionally it’s OK to be creative and play East-West instead of North-South. Here’s the story.

TSN Video: This is a new one. Rick Tocchet wants the Canucks d-pairs to be interchangeable. No D pairs? Tocchet wants to mix and match his pairs throughout the game.

It’s a bit Scotty Bowman-esque. We’ll see how that goes.

Washington Hockey Now: A 5-foot-8 fourth-line center with offensive skills? The Capitals might go that route. Some unheralded players are kicking at the door to be part of the Washington Capitals.

Philly Hockey Now: The Flyers roster is coming together. It will be an interesting year, and Torts should be a fun watch, too. Here’s the Philadelphia Flyers latest.

DHN+: yes–PHN+ subscribers can read DHN+. A team that could make the Penguins’ life a little more difficult; five reasons the Detroit Red Wings can make the playoffs.