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Dan’s Daily: National Media Debates Penguins Sell-Off; What Pens Need Now



Pittsburgh Penguins, Evgeni Malkin, Reilly Smith, Rickard Rakell

The Pittsburgh Penguins had the world in the palm of their hand. A four-game road trip became a three-game nightmare. It started well with an eye-opening win over the Vancouver Canucks, followed by three “cover your eyes” losses. Now, the Penguins are out of time, and the NHL trade deadline looms. Dave Molinari put forth a vintage Molinari takedown of the current situation with a few beauties included. The national media wasted no time last night and this morning debating the Penguins’ trade plans and, more specifically, the sell-off. Also the Daily, people are still buzzing about the heavyweight fight, Rempe v. Reaves.

I’m not sure what time zone I’m in, and I’m pretty sure I’m knocking this out from the Dallas airport. Last night was brutal, and the juju spread. I planned to drive all night from Edmonton to Calgary because I saved about $300 that way. I made it all the way to 12 miles from the Calgary airport before my front wheel clipped the deep snowbank on the side of the highway, and away I went. God Bless the Hindi tow truck drivers who happened upon me about an hour later and took me to a 24-hour Tim Hortons when I caught an Uber to the airport and somehow made my flight.

If you happen to drive on Rt. 2 outside Calgary, near Airdrie, my rental car might still be there. I assume eight hours later, the flashers are long dead. Sorry, Dollar Rental.

Pittsburgh Penguins

Pittsburgh Hockey Now: We’ll jump ahead in our coverage. Here are the “grades,” which are more of an epithet. That was the last chance for the Penguins, and they punted it like every chance they’ve been given for two years running. The game breakdown, as well as the situation from someone who’s remained objective — It’s time. The full Penguins situation.

For PHN+ subscribers, I did a postgame video from the eighth wonder of the world, Rogers Place. I circled one team that might take a couple of players from the Penguins before the NHL trade deadline.

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And here’s Dave’s stinging masterpiece. When the big guy pulls out the driver, you stand back. Here’s what the Penguins need at the NHL trade deadline.

NHL Trade Talk, News & National Hockey Now:

TSN: Almost immediately after the game, TSN lept into the fray. Will Kyle Dubas make a move at the deadline?

Montreal Hockey Now: Oh man, Montreal trade Mike Matheson? If they do, they could do pretty, pretty well (*cue the Hextall anger). Here’s what the Montreal Canadiens are looking at.

If Matheson were on the block, I’d be a buyer in a New York minute.

Sportsnet Rink Fries: The Dallas Stars may not be done. They’re going to be scary in the playoffs.

For the record, I did press box nachos (and still dust that phrase off occasionally, and it makes me smile every time I see someone use it).

Philly Hockey Now: The Flyers need help in net. Samuel Ersson has done a nice job filling the No. 1 role, but there’s a good battle behind him in the Flyers goaltending depth chart.

It’s a short mid-day links today. There are a few more stories I want to write before I pass out on the next plane. I appreciate your support this week. That roadie was the trip from hell. Nothing, no leg of the travel went smoothly. But we soldier on because that’s how we roll. Use code Rebound for half price off PHN+.