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Dan’s Daily: Leafs, Nylander Close on Mega Deal; Super Crosby to the Rescue



Pittsburgh Penguins Sidney Crosby. Devils, NHL trade talk

BOSTON  — There will come a day when I cover a hockey game, and Sidney Crosby does not amaze, astound, impress, or otherwise show up. It will be a different world when that happens. For now, he’s been the Superman against the Penguins’ inner Lex Luthor and came to the rescue again Thursday, drawing a headshake and smile from his head coach. Also in the Daily, the Toronto Maple Leafs and William Nylander are reportedly close to a mega deal, and the New Jersey Devils are finding no luck on the NHL trade market because teams with goalies have all of the leverage.

As Brad Marchand said on the Pat McAfee show Thursday, “I’m not going to mess with (Sidney Crosby).”

Later this morning, I’ll finish up the story of coaches, teammates, and even opponents gushing over Crosby. I did squeeze in about three hours of sleep, but I’d like to publicly hate one of my followers for upping the ante for me.

No joke, I finished up the postgame video, then packed by 2 a.m. but popped out of bed before 5 with those words stuck in my head. WWSCD? I got to the airport three hours early to work (and saved $25 on the Uber). I’ll never forgive you, Jamie.

Pittsburgh Penguins

Pittsburgh Hockey Now: The best in the business, Dave Molinari, churned out the recap of the Penguins surge, tank, and rally for a 6-5 win. Get the Penguins game recap.

Boston Hockey Now: The flip side from colleague Jimmy Murphy  — The Bruins analysis includes more Crosby amazement. The Boston Bruins game takeaways.

Pittsburgh Hockey Now: With Dave on the recap, I had some extra time to really sink my teeth into the Penguins game. They were prepared for the Bruins’ aggressive defense, and they finished their chances like their season depended on it (and it might have). How they did it, both good and bad, and the Penguins’ grades, too.

If you like the video, we had to go back to the hotel room because they immediately began setting up for another event at TD Garden. Reader comments and the analysis with a few bad jokes. Banner or Hulk — the Penguins postgame video.

If you’re a Gen X’er, David or Bruce Banner are both acceptable. And if you ever catch the Incredible Hulk TV show on SciFi, through the magic of High-Def, you can see Lou Ferrigno’s green nylon footies. It’s pretty great.

Oh, by the way, Sidney Crosby was named to the All-Star Game.

NHL Trade Analysis, News, & National Hockey Now

New Jersey Hockey Now: Elliotte Friedman reports the New Jersey Devils are shopping the NHL trade market for a goalie, but there’s a problem. The teams with available tendys are setting a high price. More on the Devils’ trade attempts.

TSN: Toronto media agrees that no one close to the situation is talking, but somehow, both major Canadian outlets are reporting the Maple Leafs and Nylander are close on a deal that will pay more than $11 million per year.

Remember in August when I predicted Mitch Marner would be Kyle Dubas’s next big splash? I’m not backing off that one, especially now that Auston Matthews and Nylander will eat up so much salary cap space.

Philly Hockey Now: Your friends, the Columbus Blue Jackets, gave the Penguins some help and beat the Philadelphia Flyers in OT.

NYI Hockey Now: However, your friends in Arizona were not as accommodating. The New York Islanders slammed the door and beat AZ in AZ.

Arizona, by percentage points, will be in a wild-card spot. I have very mixed feelings about a playoff game in a small-time barn. Could they rent their old arena, with prepayment, of course?

Detroit Hockey Now: The LA Kings didn’t help the Penguins playoff chase, either. They lost to Detroit in a shootout. However, the Detroit Red Wings have a handful of players who have gone ice-cold. Bob Duff puts the spurs to a few Red Wings.

That’s all from Boston. Just a silly game…