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Dan’s Daily: TSN Sticks Up for Crosby; NHL Trade Deadline Chatter



Pittsburgh Penguins, Alex Nedeljkovic, Sidney Crosby

PITTSBURGH (I think) — We’ve got a lot of Pittsburgh Penguins ground to cover, but first, a post-mortem on what went wrong and why it went wrong. Geno Reda of TSN came loaded for bear, vigorously sticking up for Sidney Crosby, accusing the Penguins management of abandoning him by not adding help. It was a takedown. Former Penguins winger Alex Nylander is hot in Columbus, the Devils canned coach Lindy Ruff, the NHL Trade Deadline is getting intense, and … I think that’s where we begin.

We’re right back in the soup today as the Penguins host the Columbus Blue Jackets at PPG Paints Arena tonight. I can’t imagine how difficult the game is going to be. The road trip was ridiculous travel, and even the boys with charter flights and posh accommodations were worn out by the end of it. The NHL schedule makers did the Penguins no favors with so few games played in the first five months, and they’re just cramming in games now.

The emotions of the moment cannot be good, either. They’re humans. And I hope fans don’t take out their emotions of the lost season out on the players.

However, I hope you feel PHN provided some pretty good coverage on the trip. From our conversation with Reilly Smith in Vancouver to Crosby’s answer that has gone viral in Edmonton, it really felt like we provided a lot of insight and news to discuss. That felt pretty good.

Pittsburgh Penguins

We did a late Daily yesterday, but I’ll repost Dave’s column because there were just so many well-phrased lines. The Penguins are essentially six games out of a playoff spot. They have to win five in a row and the sixth to leap in. Impossible? No. But realistic? And so we begin…

Pittsburgh Hockey Now: What the Penguins need at the NHL trade deadline.

And a column from me. Inaction was the Penguins’ problem. No reinforcement, no moves, and no fixes after the summer. What exactly was the Penguins’ plan?

I know you want to talk about this, but I will NOT jump aboard the Alex Nylander train and try to rewrite history. However, with a hat trick last night, he’s having a moment with the Columbus Blue Jackets.

A lot of Yinz are acting like he didn’t get a fair shot with the Penguins. I say nay nay.

TSN video: Here’s the video I think you’ll need to watch today. Geno Reda delivered a stirring monologue in defense of Sidney Crosby, accusing the Penguins’ management of abandoning him. It was emotional.

NHL Trade Deadline, News & National Hockey Now

New Jersey Hockey Now: The New Jersey Devils are in the tank, and president/GM Tom Fitzgerald gave coach Lindy Ruff the boot.

Sportsnet: The most motivated buyers ahead of the NHL trade deadline.

Boston Hockey Now: Wow–the Boston Bruins have at least investigated the possibility of trading Linus Ullmark.

Toronto Sun: Terry Koshan linked the Maple Leafs to a few blue-line righties, including Matt Dumba. The cost for Dumba is shockingly low, but Toronto is going for it.

The cost for Dumba, IF Arizona picks up half of his nearly $4 million salary, is believed to be a third-rounder. And that’s one reason I criticized the Penguins for inaction this season. A player like that could have made a world of difference for the Penguins. I surely will revisit that topic after the deadline.

Montreal Hockey Now: One of the teams that will be a kingmaker is the Habs. Who they deal, and to whom could help swing the balance of power. Marc Dumont goes over the Montreal Canadiens trade options.

More Sportsnet: After the heavyweight battle at center ice between Ryan Reaves and Matt Rempe, Reaves dished some heavy respect and passed the torch as the next great tough guy.

ESPN: Alex Wennberg is being held out of the Seattle Kraken lineup for “trade-related” reasons.

Philly Hockey Now: Oh–A Martin Jones reunion? The first one had some moments, and the Philadelphia Flyers need some net help.

Calgary Hockey Now: Ohh, that’s why Jacob Markstrom was mad? Did ownership nix the trade because of salary holdback between the Devils and Calgary Flames?

Florida Hockey Now: NHL trade deadline. Vladimir Tarasenko. Does he fit the Florida Panthers?