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Dan’s Daily: Jarry’s Payday; Kessel Skates; Bruins Trade Rumors Tank



Pittsburgh Penguins goalie Tristan Jarry, NHL trade talk

BUFFALO — It was not the most fun I have ever had covering a hockey game or even a prospects game. The Pittsburgh Penguins prospects did not fare well against their Boston Bruins counterparts Friday afternoon. Last year, Nathan Legare goaded the entire Bruins team into attempted murder. We have full coverage from Buffalo. The NHL trade market hasn’t moved much since the big Erik Karlsson deal, and a near-perfect match between the Bruins and Calgary Flames is fizzling. Montreal is getting excited about their prospects but still have a goalie to trade, the NHLPA provided the NHL with an update on their investigation into Mike Babcock’s phone-gate, and Sidney Crosby admitted last season’s inconsistency really pissed him off.

Thank you for the Buffalo food tips!

It became a must-have after an astute reader tipped me off to a beef on weck sandwich. I couldn’t get to Charlie’s before it closed, but the Anchor Bar has a special: Wings and Weck. It’s five hot wings and a beef on weck sandwich. I lathered that sammich up with some pungent horseradish, and…DAMN! It was so good that I disliked Buffalo a bit less.

Pittsburgh Penguins:

PHN+: Full analysis and coverage of the Penguins’ first prospects game. The good, bad, and the worse. How the Penguins prospects performed.

PHN+: There are more than a handful of players here just hoping to have a chance to play pro hockey. It’s not easy. From Dave Molinari–Life as a longshot Penguins prospect.

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Pittsburgh Hockey Now: It was a good 10-minute spot on the 32 Thoughts podcast. Crosby was angry last season. Teammates said they never saw him “more pissed off.” Here’s the scoop on the Penguins season and Kyle Dubas from Sidney Crosby.

From Penguins TV updates to tough guys and Tristan Jarry’s contract, the latest Penguins Q&A.

Steelers Now:

Dear Lord. Steven A. Smith has a bright idea for the Steelers. Fire Matt Canada, but..hire Todd Haley. The latest Steelers coverage.

The Steelers’ secret weapon against edge rushers.

Three key mismatches that will decide the Browns-Steelers game.

Pittsburgh Baseball Now

It was Roberto Clemente Day, and everything looked good against the Yankees for eight innings. Then…oops. Get the quickie Pirates recap.

Jared Jones tossed a gem in Omaha. He’s a Pirates prospect worth watching.

NHL Trade Talk, News & National Hockey Now:

Boston Hockey Now: It seems a perfect match. The Calgary Flames have what the Bruins need, but there’s a holdup, and the potential Bruins trade is fizzling.

Sportsnet: The NHLPA gave a non-update update, but they did deliver some findings on Mike Babcock’s phone-gate to the league office. Here’s the latest.

Is there more than we’ve heard? That would have been the right time to clear Babcock, but the NHLPA did not.

Montreal Hockey Now: There is a bit more chatter on the NHL trade market about the Montreal Canadiens goalies, including Casey DeSmith.

Buffalo Hockey Now: Whoops. It seems the Ottawa Senators splashing the cash on Jake Sanderson may have put a crimp in Rasmus Dahlin’s contract talks for the Buffalo Sabres.

Vegas Hockey Now: And without a hockey home, Phil Kessel is skating with the Vegas Golden Knights.