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Penguins Wrap: Marchand Admits What Jarry Said, Pens-CBJ Scouting



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The Pittsburgh Penguins return to practice Saturday after their humbling loss to the Toronto Maple Leafs, 4-1 on Thursday night. The Penguins fired shot after shot, but ugly mistakes led to great chances and pretty goals for Toronto. The Penguins called off practice on Friday, but Brad Marchand broke his silence on attacking Tristan Jarry. Penguins scouts are popping up all over, and can the Penguins afford not to sign Bryan Rust?

NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman upheld the six-game suspension the Department of Player Safety gave to Marchand.

“Mr. Marchand’s behavior and lack of judgment in respect of these incidents did not meet acceptable NHL standards. He created a distraction which reflected poorly on himself, on his team, and on the League as a whole, and as such, I find he also deserves the penalty he received. Having said that, I encourage Mr. Marchand to reflect on this experience and to use it positively in furtherance of his efforts to refine and improve his on-ice image and game for everyone’s benefit,” Bettman wrote in his ruling.

Bettman concluded:

• Marchand’s conduct was intentional and involved excessive and unnecessary use of force.

• Marchand’s conduct featured not one, but two violations of NHL playing rules

However, you can find the fun part in Marchand’s testimony. On page eight of the NHL report, found here, Jarry stuffed Marchand on the doorstep in the final seconds of the game. With the Penguins leading 4-2, Jarry yelled to Marchand:

“How about that f*cking save?”

Marchand admitted the comment was “nothing really out of line or derogatory in any kind of way.”

The Penguins won the game 4-2, Marchand was given a match penalty, and the debate lingered for days if it was suspension-worthy.

Marchand sucker-punched Jarry after the comment and jabbed his stick in Jarry’s face while being escorted off the ice by linesmen.

I like what Jarry said. I like the confidence. The best trash talker in the game is Marc-Andre Fleury. He is forever howling, laughing, and deriding shooters when he makes a big save. It’s good to see Jarry flexing.

How many of us were expecting something very different? Of course, it still doesn’t really explain the odd behavior of swatting the puck off Jarry’s stick during the intermission when he tried to give it to a fan. But we meddling kids can pack up the Mystery Machine, Scooby snacks, and solve other mysteries.

Pittsburgh Penguins Scouts:

My hockey chat group (a little private affair that loves hockey) has been recently tracking the Penguins scouts popping up all over the league.

On Thursday night, the Pittsburgh Penguins were one of 11 teams to scout the Chicago Blackhawks and Columbus Blue Jackets. Sources told PHN the scout was Ryan Bowness, Director of Professional Scouting.

A Penguins scout was also in attendance for the Capitals vs. Flyers game on Thursday night.

Interestingly, the Columbus Blue Jackets had two scouts in the press box for the Penguins’ loss in Toronto on Thursday.

It’s always noteworthy when management is scouting a team and when multiple scouts show up. Of course, scouts in attendance do not mean a trade is imminent, but scouts aren’t there for the press box nachos, either.

Bryan Rust:

The Pittsburgh Penguins cannot afford to re-sign Rust. Or so it seems, without significant moves to free salary cap space.

Get this stat: In his 29 games, Rust has been on the ice for 47% of the Penguins’ total offense. He’s had a direct hand in 33%.

We made the case, the Penguins can’t afford to sign him, but they also can’t afford not to sign Bryan Rust.

NHL Trade Chatter & Metro Division

Washington: The Washington Capitals have been shopping for scoring help on the NHL trade market. I’ve heard the following rumor that RDS reported: Artturi Lehkonen.

RDS also reported the Canadiens asked about Capitals goalie Ilya Samsonov, as the NHL trade winds blow in D.C.

Philly: The Philadelphia Flyers had a rare victory in their hands. They could taste it. Then…they couldn’t. The Capitals scored three late goals (three?!) to beat the Philadelphia Flyers.

NYI: Keiffer Bellows has been a prospect/young player pushing for his chance, but not always getting it with Barry Trotz. When called, he’s been getting some ice beside Mathew Barzal and helping the New York Islanders.

CanesCountry: The Carolina Hurricanes reclaimed first place in the Metro Division by beating the Nashville Predators, 5-3. Carolina is tied with the Penguins at 70 points but has three games in hand.

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Mike Donnelly
Mike Donnelly
9 months ago

Can I ever watch another Pens game without thinking “How about THAT f@(king save” every single time Jarry makes a stop?
I think not.

9 months ago

Gotta love jarry’s swagger this season! The worst thing for Jarry would be dealing with Marchand the next time he scores on him

Last edited 9 months ago by Robert Shoemaker

[…] Penguins has been upheld after Marchand appealed his suspension. Jarry reportedly said “How about that f*king save” and that is what put Marchand in rage mode. It wasn’t even a good chirp […]

Meeeeeeeeeee meeeeeweeee

Rust to columbus

T. Stancliff
T. Stancliff
9 months ago

I keep saying, my opinion, to get rid of LATANG. to many give aways on his part. Lot of time they end up with goals from the other team. Like today giving up two goals within 9 seconds of the start of the periods.