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Podcast! Matt Gajtka's Big Picture on Crosby Getting Shafted & PSU Pucks
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Podcast! Matt Gajtka’s Big Picture on Crosby Getting Shafted & PSU Pucks

Hockey got the short end of it from ESPN. Matt explains exactly why.



In this episode of his weekly PHN podcast, Matt Gajtka excoriates ESPN The Magazine for its faulty Top 20 Most Dominant Athletes list. Hockey got the short end of it, and Matt explains exactly why.

Then at the 15-minute mark, Brian Tripp of the Penn State Sports Network joins Matt to talk about the rising Nittany Lions’ return to the NCAA tournament.

Finally, at 32:30, Matt warns about writing off the upstart Flyers — and any other NHL team, for that matter — because of a preponderance of so-called ‘loser points.’

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