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Dan’s Daily: Dirt on Penguins GM Candidates, Rangers Retread, VGK Pressure



Pittsburgh Penguins GM search, Kyle Dubas

The Pittsburgh Penguins’ GM search could end at any moment. A hockey insider dished some dirt and personal assessments of the Penguins’ GM candidates, and not all were flattering. The pressure cooker is getting hotter for the Vegas Golden Knights. The New York Rangers look like they’re going retread for their new head coach, and did we mention that Kyle Dubas might be coming to Pittsburgh?

Just in case you didn’t know, Kyle Dubas is the leading contender for the Penguins’ GM job. In all seriousness, PHN can confirm that other finalists have not been notified if they’re out, so take that for what you will.

Also, the Indy 500 was a travesty. I’m an Indy diehard. No apologies. Pato O’ward’s restart with nine laps to go was just fine. Track stewards got picky and, in the process, ruined the greatest race on the planet. They created a demo derby and then didn’t like the results, so they red-flagged the race with just two laps to go. That’s carnival gimmickry, more befitting of NASCAR, but I couldn’t help but melt when I saw winner, Josef Newgarden, trying not to sob inside his car. It’s the Indianapolis 500. If you know, you know.

To the hockey …

Pittsburgh Penguins:

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The Penguins couldn’t escape blown third-period leads. Team USA, with three Penguins players, at the IIHF world championships, coughed up one against Germany in the semifinal, then did it again in the bronze-medal game Sunday. More on Team USA.

P.O Joseph won gold with Team Canada.

NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs, News & National Hockey Now:

Vegas Hockey Now: After losing two straight and losing control of the series, the VGK need to blunt the Dallas Stars’ momentum. It’s time for the Vegas Golden Knights to send a message.

Florida Hockey Now: All aboard! There’s plenty of space on the Florida Panthers bandwagon.

Maybe someone can pass out leaflets on the bandwagon. Let people know they can also watch hockey, beginning in October.

Montreal Hockey Now: Here’s all you need — Marc Dumont does the wrap-up of the awesome Latvians, Lane Hutson, Team USA, the Golden Canadians, and the golden Montreal Canadiens.

Boston Hockey Now: Oh my. The hockey world will go nuts, but he interviewed for the Penguins’ GM job, and there’s some chatter that he’s a legit candidate in Toronto. The next GM of the Toronto Maple Leafs, Peter Chiarelli?

Sportsnet: The Flames are casting a wide net for their next coach, but it appears the New York Rangers are going to a retread. Next up, Peter Laviolette?

I like Laviolette. Hockey Twitter usually groups up, gangs up, and attacks. That rarely represents reality, but the Rangers could probably do better in this case. His shelf life is too short for a team on the upswing.

No, seriously, Kyle Dubas. Yeah, that’s what we’ve heard. Keep it secret. That’s just between us, OK?