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Dan’s Daily: Talking Penguins Deadline; Team Canada Players Identified



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The five members of the 2018 Team Canada facing sexual assault charges were outed via a report on TSN Tuesday, but the fallout didn’t stop there. The Calgary Flames claimed Dillon Dube provided no advance knowledge of the pending situation when he asked for a leave, and additional reports claim the players kept information from their teams. Turning to more enjoyable topics, we had lots of Pittsburgh Penguins discussion, from radio appearances in Edmonton discussing the NHL trade rumors surrounding Jake Guentzel to full-bore analysis and a good look at how former Penguins are doing with their new teams.

We’ve got more NHL news to get to, as well. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not the best at dealing with hard news stories involving sensitive topics, but I stumbled upon a wild documentary on Netflix last night: American Nightmare.

It seems tangentially appropriate to discuss in light of the current hockey scandal. A couple underwent an unbelievable ordeal in which a woman was kidnapped in the middle of the night and held captive for three days. The police behavior was dismissive at best and punitive at worst. There is firm closure in three episodes if you want to check it out.

If you do, I also think there’s a lot more to discuss with the FBI agents, but that’s my conspiracy theorist coming out.

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Pittsburgh Hockey Now: Dave Molinari delivers a thorough report card on the Penguins defensemen and goalies.

I’ve been getting a lot of inquiries or, more specifically, accusations that former Penguins are doing much better elsewhere because of Mike Sullivan’s shortcomings. So, we put that to the test. If you dare — Here’s how the recently former Penguins players are performing.

PHN Audio: And we had a pretty good conversation with Edmonton Sports Radio 1440. Often, when an out-of-town radio host calls me for a guest spot, I prepare for the vague, simplistic questions. Not so in Edmonton! We had a pretty good conversation, including scouting Jesse Puljujarvi and the Penguins trade deadline plans.

NHL Trade Talk, News & National Hockey Now

TSN: Four NHL players and a former NHL player have been ordered to surrender to London, Ont. police to face charges related to the alleged sexual assault involving them as members of Team Canada in 2018. TSN confirmed the five players, including Carter Hart and Dillon Dube. Here are the updates and responses.

Calgary Hockey Now: The Flames put out a statement claiming Dube told them nothing of the reasons for his leave when he took it a few days before everyone else. The denial and the full story from the Calgary Flames.

New Jersey Hockey Now: The Devils are shopping for a goalie, but there aren’t many on the trade block. The big get could be Marc-Andre Fleury, but there’s probably one insurmountable obstacle preventing such a Devils trade.

Montreal Hockey Now: It’s the scuttlebutt this week — Sean Monahan to the New York Rangers. Our colleagues dig deeper into the hot NHL trade rumor.

Florida Hockey Now: Those feisty Panthers. They like the rough stuff, and they get wound up, too. Coach Paul Maurice called his bench “funny as hell.” The Florida Panthers like the fights.